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Burning a Blu Ray Disc? --
Can I burn a Blu Ray disc using my laptops standard DVD burner?
How to import DVDs to my tablet? --
Hi there,
I recently got a nexus 7, and I was just want to know if I can put any movies I have on DVD onto the nexus 7? Hope this helps.
How to update my itunes library? --

I origianlly have 1200 songs in my home's itunes library, and I downloaded another 100 songs to my iPod from my friend's computer, while these 100 songs only exist on my iPod not on my home's computer.

So how can I upgrade my home's itunes library, then I can keep those 100 songs when sync with my home's itunes?

I checked out a CD from the public library and listened to it on my computer. Then I dragged two songs into my iTunes library. Is this illegal, since that's loaned stuff?

I previously uploaded a video to YouTube, which has 200 views now. Is there any way to add captions to it without downloading it again?

YouTube says I can upload a caption file, but I have no idea. Can you give me more details? Or is there an easier way?

I mean to Write on a CD OR DVD disc some Advise need.
Appreciating For Kind Answer,Thanks...
convert and download? --

How do you convert and download a YouTube video to aiPhone?

Add subtitle to Movie on Mac? --
Hi, Can I add more then one movie at a time when adding subtitle to it?
Recent days I've converted some homemade video to WMV format. But when I play the converted video, there is no audio can be played? How can I do it successfully?

Which is the best software to rip DVD video to avi?

I tried some programs, but they only rip the video but cannot convert or compress the video to AVI. What I want to do is directly convert DVD video to the compressed AVI format