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Which is the best software to rip DVD video to avi?

I tried some programs, but they only rip the video but cannot convert or compress the video to AVI. What I want to do is directly convert DVD video to the compressed AVI format

I've got a MBP and I'd like to transfer photos from my mac to my iPhone5. What's The easiest way to do so?
I mean to Write on a CD OR DVD disc some Advise need.
Appreciating For Kind Answer,Thanks...

I want to know if this software can, say spit a 10 chapter audiobook, into 20 (smaller) chapters.

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Michael Gunter

How do i activate the 30 day trial or do I need to purchase the product first?
convert and download? --

How do you convert and download a YouTube video to aiPhone?

Listen to music on my iphone? --
I just bought an iphone from the store but dont know how to listen to music. I have trouble listening to gwen stefani.
Where is this song? --
Where to download the song "Rebecca" by The Bee Gees (around 1984). It is not in Itunes and Limewire. My name is also Rebecca and that's the main reason why I like it. The lyrics are nice, too.
How much video can a 30gb ipod video hold? What's the minimum and maximum?
I want a converter program to convert video to gif easily. Windows movie maker helps me get video clips, but I need a good gif converter without watermark inserted. Help? I have tried a lot, either give low quality or come with watermarks.