eBook Ultimate for Mac

Ultimate DRM Removal + eBook Converter, Must have eBook tool

A "must-have" tool that helps you convert and Remove DRM from eBooks on Mac.

DRM: Kindle, Adobe, Kobo, Nook...
Convert eBooks to epub, pdf, mobi
10X faster conversion speed
Amazing eBooks metadata editing

Remove eBook DRM on Mac

Remove eBook DRM on Mac

Strip DRM protections from eBooks on Mac with original quality.

Liberate your eBooks by DRM removing

Remove DRM from eBooks. Supported DRM type: Kindle, Adobe Adept, Kobo. Note that iBooks DRM is not included.

Wide support input formats

It strips drm protections from your purchased eBooks: Adobe EPUB/PDF, Kindle KFX/AZW/AZW3/Mobi/PRC, Kobo Epub.

Original Quality, no content losing

Just remove DRM protection from eBooks, the ebook will be kept in original formatting and quality.

Convert eBooks

Convert eBooks

Convert eBooks to ePub, PDF, Mobi on Mac.

Convert eBooks to any popular file format

Convert any books to common ePub, PDF and Kindle supported Mobi, AZW3. No matter your books are drm protected or not, they can be converted to any other format successfully.

Convert ebooks to PDF A4 or A5

When converting eBooks to PDF, you are able to choose page font, common font A4 or large font A5.

Convert DRM Kindle eBooks without KSN inputting

Multiple Kindle devices supported. Automatically detect your KSN and use it to decrypt Kindle books.

Easily Modify Metadata

Easily Modify Metadata

Modify metadata such as author, publisher, title, date, etc.

Fix meta: title, author, publisher, etc

After adding books to Ultimate converter, just click on "Edit" button to modify the author, publisher, and other information.

Change Book Cover

The editing metadata function even enables you to change the book cover.Just pick up one of your favorite picture and replace the original book cover.

Make your books better

Not only liberate your books free, but also let the book be your own belongings. You can edit, print, share with others.

Books searching and sorting

Books searching and sorting

Search and sort eBooks from local library.

Search a book from local library

When collecting a large number of books, the searching function will save your time the most. You can search a book by a single word in title, author, publisher, or even introduction.

Sort books by date, type, name or file size

In your local library you can sort your books by size, name, date, type. Show you different layout so that you can recognize them right away.

Set book path as what you wanted

It converts your books and saves them at a new output folder. If you don't like the default setting, you can set them again.

Read converted eBooks anywhere

Read DRM free eBooks on any devices, Kindle, iBooks, Kobo...

Easy to use

Easy to use

Batch conversion with friendly interface.

Friendly interface, simple operation

This ultimate eBook DRM removal tool possesses a user-friendly interface, which can bring you much convenience.

Highest conversion speed

With the unique conversion core, the ebook conversion speed is very fast.

Batch Conversion

It supports A variety of eBook formats, like EPUB, PDF, PRC, MOBI, AZW.  So converting the books just needs one click.


Intuitive to use

This program is logically designed and is intuitive to use from head to toe : just drag book files to the left, select the output format, convert, OK.

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