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how do i operates the imELFIN program?
3d movie copy? --
I am using your software trail version okay. But 10 to 15 minutes movie only recording if I use full version I can copy full movie are not. Your software we can copy 3d movie 50 Gb bd is possible
iTunes............? --
How to find the download directory in iTunes?
I would like to host some tutorial videos about electrical work and have them air on TV. I'm an electrician and the videos will be about how to replace switches, outlets or even how to wire a modern kitchen. This may be a tough recording process in some case.
Is there a feasible way to record the whole process that indeed helps the audience?
I have some movies stored on my PC and I want to burn them on DVD. I tried doing that but they don't play on my DVD player. Any help?
I've created my own movie recently, and I wonder how to turn it from 2D to 3D? I only shot the video with one camera, so I cannot re-shot the whole video again.
Burning music from itunes? --
Can I download and burn music from ituns on to a CDR?
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Can I take photos and shoot videos on iPad Mini, or iPhone, then transfer them to my pc? Is that process easy to handle?

Or, should I have a DSLR camera?

I want to know if this software can, say spit a 10 chapter audiobook, into 20 (smaller) chapters.

Thank you,
Michael Gunter