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I want to put video on to my computer from my video camera, which is Sony. The video is on cassette, I have software to transfer it, but it doesn't work. And it keeps asking me to download macromedia flash player, and after I do nothing happens. Anyone have experience with this?
cannot register? --
Bought the converter, keep getting error message when trying to register it
3d movie copy? --
I am using your software trail version okay. But 10 to 15 minutes movie only recording if I use full version I can copy full movie are not. Your software we can copy 3d movie 50 Gb bd is possible
I know I can use iTunes to transfer photos from Mac to iPad with iTunes, but how I can transfer photos from iPad to Mac?
I have some movies stored on my PC and I want to burn them on DVD. I tried doing that but they don't play on my DVD player. Any help?
How can I pay by Pay Pal? --
The option is not in the drop down menu for checkout
Can I transfer AVI videos via iTunes? --
I've installed codec for QuickTime to play the avi videos, and I wonder if this can help me transfer the avi video to my iTunes library?
How to convert mkv to ipad? --
How to convert MKV to iPad to play MKV video on iPad?
Simple video editor??? --
i need a video editor to basically just split and join clips, i need to be able to import clips in mp4 format. for windows 8, NOT WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER
If I am not satisfied with how the product refund it?