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Continued Error? --
Just purchased dvd and blu ray full ripper 107. I keep getting an error after I use program once close it and start again Qt5Network.dll I am trying to solve but with much trouble. So I keep having to reinstall the program?

Hello, just purchased your product and am trying to create a video from some old mp4 files from an old phone i uploaded, all clips are appearing sideways and there appears no option to change orientation to upright?  PLease assist if possible


Bluesound Vault Fiel Cleanup? --

I have moved my music collect (@9,000 songs) to a Bluesond Vault.  There are metadata issues with many of the files -- mostly duplicates on the same album and albuym artwork.  Many of these fiules are high resolution FLAC files.  Can imElfin "clean up" this external collection?


I know I can use iTunes to transfer photos from Mac to iPad with iTunes, but how I can transfer photos from iPad to Mac?
How can I rip Blu-ray to PS3? --
I wanna rip blu-ray to PS3 (Sony Playstation 3) and create my own favorite movie collections (HD). How can i do this?
I have no experience on Blu ray files and disk yet. I haven't bought a single movie in blu ray.
So I would like to ask, do I need a special media player to play blu ray movies downloaded from the internet? How about from a blu ray disk inserted into the disk drive?
How to rip my dvd to vob? --
I want to make DVD to VOB for ripping DVD to VOB video for playback on compatible devices. Who can tell me how to finish it? Thank you.

I got this program to Convert WMA Audio files to MP3 files. The documentation said that it was able to do this. But I cannot figure out IF or How you do this convertion.
Can you help?


Subtitles for Blu-Ray Creator? --

Is any possibility for editing the subtitles (font, color, size etc?) I am not happy with the actual appearance.

Thank you very much!

Hi, I want to find a DVD player which is able to directly play .avi files. Because I don't want to convert avi to dvd then burn it to DVD disc, that costs too much time.

So I am looking to save time by burning AVI files to DVD disc and play it directly.