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Listen to music on my iphone? --
I just bought an iphone from the store but dont know how to listen to music. I have trouble listening to gwen stefani.
Itunes Library? --
Would do I do if a great number of songs in my itunes library have incorrect album art and names after using this program...this is pretty bad.
No audio downloads.? --
I check Audio in Settings but no audio downloads from youTube.  I have tried different codecs, but its always the same.
i cant chose languages from blyray? --

i cant chose languages fronm bluray how cana i solve it?
youer spam control is terrible

How much video can a 30gb ipod video hold? What's the minimum and maximum?
I want a converter program to convert video to gif easily. Windows movie maker helps me get video clips, but I need a good gif converter without watermark inserted. Help? I have tried a lot, either give low quality or come with watermarks.
How to import DVDs to my tablet? --
Hi there,
I recently got a nexus 7, and I was just want to know if I can put any movies I have on DVD onto the nexus 7? Hope this helps.
Is the new ipad called ipad 3? --
What is the name of the "new ipad"?
I mean to Write on a CD OR DVD disc some Advise need.
Appreciating For Kind Answer,Thanks...
When converting either a Blue ray or DVD to my computer, the subsequent mp4 file volume is very low.  When I try to play it on my computer or TV, I have to turn the volume way up for it to be decent output.  I've tried using different audio formats when converting, but it doesn't seem to change anything.