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itunes library and ipod help? --
I DOWNLOADED itunes but when i go on, how can i get to my account, and my files, library?!??!
Transfer iTunes music to a new laptop? --
I want to transfer itunes music from my old desktop to my new laptop. I have both purchased songs from Itunes and free songs downloaded from limewire and the like, will transfer software transfer all of the music to my laptop?
About making a YouTube video? --
I want to make a "best albums of 2013 " video with albums covers and my my audio talking about the video for uploading to YouTube. I can handle the subtitles part, but have no idea about how to add the album covers and audio to the video.
zum Beispiel "der Marsianer"
Currently the audio book converter defaults to a bitrate of 56kb.  This is not very good.  It makes the book sound like it's underwater.  Is there any way to change that?  Did I just waste money on this product?
have loaded my videos on to my computer but when i load to dvd programme they are upside down
I trying to make backup copies of DVD that have the latest protection including Will this work with AACS protected blue ray dvd?
iOS 6 problem!!? --
My host dad took my iPod and even upgraded my iPod to iOS 6. Now I can't install any apps I tried putting in my password and it doesn't do anything. I can't change password, either. How do I get to install apps? Give me helpful solutions!!
Where is this song? --
Where to download the song "Rebecca" by The Bee Gees (around 1984). It is not in Itunes and Limewire. My name is also Rebecca and that's the main reason why I like it. The lyrics are nice, too.
The YouTube page in download mode does not display.. there are only a few grey squares / shapes on screen. It also appears a new version of the downloader is available to download however when I click on download, a dialogue box appears stating the web address / link could not be found