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What color should I choose for iPhone 5s? The chrome ring around the white home screen seems nice. But I like black...

How can I save a BDMV file, converted into MKV file, using your Total Media Converter trial?

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invalid license? --
tried to activate- invalid license
How can I pay by Pay Pal? --
The option is not in the drop down menu for checkout
I convert avi to dvd, but can't play them on my dvd player. VCD and orindary dvd play well. Do I need another DVD converter program or what can I do? Please help!
If I am not satisfied with how the product refund it?
cannot register? --
Bought the converter, keep getting error message when trying to register it
I know I can use iTunes to transfer photos from Mac to iPad with iTunes, but how I can transfer photos from iPad to Mac?
how do i operates the imELFIN program?
No audio downloads.? --
I check Audio in Settings but no audio downloads from youTube.  I have tried different codecs, but its always the same.