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have loaded my videos on to my computer but when i load to dvd programme they are upside down
Burning music from itunes? --
Can I download and burn music from ituns on to a CDR?
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What format does Flash video use? --
I want to make a Flash. What output format should I choose? I am using a video converter!
how do i operates the imELFIN program?
n the Blu-ray Copy to Copy it says "no rewritable BD-R/-RE is found, please insert a writable disc.  This is not accurate because I know my blu ray discs are writable and blank?  (This is after it runs thru the original blu ray disc and is ready to burn the blu ray)  I just purchased this from your website and I may want money back if we can't fix this issue.  Thanks for your time.
Please tell me the best software.
How to rip my dvd to vob? --
I want to make DVD to VOB for ripping DVD to VOB video for playback on compatible devices. Who can tell me how to finish it? Thank you.
Movie Downloading Software? --
Hello guys I recently bought a PC and I wonder how can I download movies to my PC? aka I need a movide downloading software
Hi, I upgraded my iTunes to latest version last night, and when I played music by iTunes, it makes a low noise sound, while I can play these music files with other players perfectly. What should I do?