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Video conversion with multi language? --
How can i setup multilanguage conversion, when i convert BD-Folder to mkv ?
How do i activate the 30 day trial or do I need to purchase the product first?
How can I pay by Pay Pal? --
The option is not in the drop down menu for checkout
How to transfer slo-mo video to laptop? --
I want to burn a CD for playing in my car... Do I need a Data CD or mp3 CD?
How to rip my dvd to vob? --
I want to make DVD to VOB for ripping DVD to VOB video for playback on compatible devices. Who can tell me how to finish it? Thank you.
software update? --
I am using an iMac.
I am lifetime registered for imElfin Mac DVDRipper and imElfin Mac Blurayripper.
The current version I am using is 7.3.3 for imElfin Mac Blurayripper and I am unable to upgrade to latest 8.0.0.
I managed to download the file imelfin_bdripper_setup.dmg, decompress it in my application folder, but when I start the application, this is still the old version which is running.
Kind Regards
Laurent Agussol
cannot register? --
Bought the converter, keep getting error message when trying to register it
n the Blu-ray Copy to Copy it says "no rewritable BD-R/-RE is found, please insert a writable disc.  This is not accurate because I know my blu ray discs are writable and blank?  (This is after it runs thru the original blu ray disc and is ready to burn the blu ray)  I just purchased this from your website and I may want money back if we can't fix this issue.  Thanks for your time.
I've got a MBP and I'd like to transfer photos from my mac to my iPhone5. What's The easiest way to do so?

Hi, I want to find a DVD player which is able to directly play .avi files. Because I don't want to convert avi to dvd then burn it to DVD disc, that costs too much time.

So I am looking to save time by burning AVI files to DVD disc and play it directly.