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Need help with my iPod!? --
I have a new PC. How to completely remove my iPod from the old PC and then sync it to a new one?
Step by step instructions would be appreciated...
Transfer slo-mo videos to my laptop? --
The share option only allows me to upload to sites like youtube, and the email attachment restricts the size. I connected my iphone5s to my computer, but all that shows up is pics. When I used my iPhone 3, everything (pics, music, videos) was transferred well.

The playstation is connected in the back with hdmi and i can see and hear everything.

Now my pc is a very big i can't take it to the living room but i want somehow to record to something my ps3 gameplay so i can move it later to the pc.

Is there any external hard disk or something that i put hard disk inside and it will be connected to the back of the tv and record the video ?

I am using TOSHIBA REGZA TV set.

I'm trying to watch some videos off an external and was wondering what format to convert them to.
Transfer iTunes music to a new laptop? --
I want to transfer itunes music from my old desktop to my new laptop. I have both purchased songs from Itunes and free songs downloaded from limewire and the like, will transfer software transfer all of the music to my laptop?
I had vhs tapes transferred to DVD's. Now I want to make copies of these DVD's for others to have? Can I do that on my PC (Windows7)??
zum Beispiel "der Marsianer"
Multiple Audio in one file? --


the Blu Ray Ripper is a nice program. If you can tell me if the is a way to copy 2 languages into the same movie i would buy the full version.

I trying to make backup copies of DVD that have the latest protection including Will this work with AACS protected blue ray dvd?

Just wondering, video and audio formats.

I know YouTube converts the video formats, but I prefer the uploaded video keeps the orginal quality like it is on my computer.

What format should i use to upload a video to youtube?