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Is the new ipad called ipad 3? --
What is the name of the "new ipad"?
I bought an old ipod classic at 35$. But it charges fast and dies fast. I tried to connect to computer usb to charge, the top-right corner icon said charging, but it was prompting "low battery please charge". Please help!!!
Where would I find this?
i cant chose languages from blyray? --

i cant chose languages fronm bluray how cana i solve it?
youer spam control is terrible

3-d-blu-ray copy? --
3-d-movie copy with Blu-Ray Copy possible?

I send you multiple tickets to get a new activation code, mine is not working at all and I bought your software, so I need this activation code

Thank you,


I can't upload video to YouTube? --
I have DIYed a home gallery slides but it won't upload to YouTube? What should I do?
What format do I download video's in? --
I want to download a video off youtube, so when my internets down, I can watch it on my laptop, my question is, what format do I download it in, so I can press a button on my desktop and the video would play?
Need help with my iPod!? --
I have a new PC. How to completely remove my iPod from the old PC and then sync it to a new one?
Step by step instructions would be appreciated...
Transfer slo-mo videos to my laptop? --
The share option only allows me to upload to sites like youtube, and the email attachment restricts the size. I connected my iphone5s to my computer, but all that shows up is pics. When I used my iPhone 3, everything (pics, music, videos) was transferred well.