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No audio downloads.? --
I check Audio in Settings but no audio downloads from youTube.  I have tried different codecs, but its always the same.
How to Play created DVD? --
Created DVD will not play with Windows Media Player my standard player. The disk is seen by the drive, but it will not start.
What product does both type of dvd copy
Recent days I've converted some homemade video to WMV format. But when I play the converted video, there is no audio can be played? How can I do it successfully?
Am I able to use a DVD drive player to play Blu-ray disc?
When converting either a Blue ray or DVD to my computer, the subsequent mp4 file volume is very low.  When I try to play it on my computer or TV, I have to turn the volume way up for it to be decent output.  I've tried using different audio formats when converting, but it doesn't seem to change anything.
product inactive but i purchased? --

i buy this product im elfin blurry dvd copy $39.99 in your web site but the product has inactive never sent me a license pleased let me know what i do you can sent a email to


Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5S? --
How shall I choose between Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S?
I downloaded all the episodes of Bluestone 42 from BBC iPlayer and I want to put them onto my 4th Gen iPod touch but I can't find any decent video file converters. Anyone know any?
software update? --
I am using an iMac.
I am lifetime registered for imElfin Mac DVDRipper and imElfin Mac Blurayripper.
The current version I am using is 7.3.3 for imElfin Mac Blurayripper and I am unable to upgrade to latest 8.0.0.
I managed to download the file imelfin_bdripper_setup.dmg, decompress it in my application folder, but when I start the application, this is still the old version which is running.
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