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I checked out a CD from the public library and listened to it on my computer. Then I dragged two songs into my iTunes library. Is this illegal, since that's loaned stuff?
I would like to host some tutorial videos about electrical work and have them air on TV. I'm an electrician and the videos will be about how to replace switches, outlets or even how to wire a modern kitchen. This may be a tough recording process in some case.
Is there a feasible way to record the whole process that indeed helps the audience?
I want to watch my bought DVD movies on my Kindle Fire in my spare time, I will be very grateful if any of you can help.
Where is this song? --
Where to download the song "Rebecca" by The Bee Gees (around 1984). It is not in Itunes and Limewire. My name is also Rebecca and that's the main reason why I like it. The lyrics are nice, too.
Need help with my iPod!? --
I have a new PC. How to completely remove my iPod from the old PC and then sync it to a new one?
Step by step instructions would be appreciated...
I'm trying to watch some videos off an external and was wondering what format to convert them to.
Simple video editor??? --
i need a video editor to basically just split and join clips, i need to be able to import clips in mp4 format. for windows 8, NOT WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER
How to rip my dvd to vob? --
I want to make DVD to VOB for ripping DVD to VOB video for playback on compatible devices. Who can tell me how to finish it? Thank you.
I've got a MBP and I'd like to transfer photos from my mac to my iPhone5. What's The easiest way to do so?
How to convert PAL video to NTSC? --

"I have a 600MB video file in MPEG2 format but when I burned it on DVD, our player won't play the disc since it's set to NTSC as well as the TV.

Do you know any software that could convert it to NTSC?