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Add subtitle to Movie on Mac? --
Hi, Can I add more then one movie at a time when adding subtitle to it?
i cant chose languages from blyray? --

i cant chose languages fronm bluray how cana i solve it?
youer spam control is terrible

I want to rip Videos from DVD ......? --
I want to rip videos from dvd, should is rip the dvd via softwares like HandBrake etc, or should i copy and paste .VOB video files from DVD to my computer ? what is the difference between these 2 ways ? which one method is better and why ?
I downloaded all the episodes of Bluestone 42 from BBC iPlayer and I want to put them onto my 4th Gen iPod touch but I can't find any decent video file converters. Anyone know any?
If I am not satisfied with how the product refund it?
why can i not pay with paypal? --
i wan't to buy software and on the site you write you accept paypal
but i i will pay i can not choose the option Paypal
why is that and how can i pay with Paypal?
Do I need a Blu-ray R/W Drive? --
Do I need a Blu-ray Read/Write drive to burn Blu-ray format files to a Blu-ray disc using your software?
Please tell me the best software.
Anyway, my laptop crashed and I now want to get my ipod music onto my computer desktop. But how? I do not know about computer well. Please give me details about what to do step by step. Any simple tool is appreciated!
I'm trying to watch some videos off an external and was wondering what format to convert them to.