The question and title, allow user add!

I send you multiple tickets to get a new activation code, mine is not working at all and I bought your software, so I need this activation code

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PS4 or xbox720? --
I go for PS4, how about u?
What format do I download video's in? --
I want to download a video off youtube, so when my internets down, I can watch it on my laptop, my question is, what format do I download it in, so I can press a button on my desktop and the video would play?
why is there commercials in my video? --
Toyota commercial in video
3-d-blu-ray copy? --
3-d-movie copy with Blu-Ray Copy possible?
Movie Downloading Software? --
Hello guys I recently bought a PC and I wonder how can I download movies to my PC? aka I need a movide downloading software
Please tell me the best software.
If I am not satisfied with how the product refund it?
why can i not pay with paypal? --
i wan't to buy software and on the site you write you accept paypal
but i i will pay i can not choose the option Paypal
why is that and how can i pay with Paypal?
how to download english songs free? --
how to download english music free