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I previously uploaded a video to YouTube, which has 200 views now. Is there any way to add captions to it without downloading it again?

YouTube says I can upload a caption file, but I have no idea. Can you give me more details? Or is there an easier way?

I mean to Write on a CD OR DVD disc some Advise need.
Appreciating For Kind Answer,Thanks...
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how to download english music free
Multiple Audio in one file? --


the Blu Ray Ripper is a nice program. If you can tell me if the is a way to copy 2 languages into the same movie i would buy the full version.

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How do you convert and download a YouTube video to aiPhone?

I trying to make backup copies of DVD that have the latest protection including Will this work with AACS protected blue ray dvd?
I want to watch my bought DVD movies on my Kindle Fire in my spare time, I will be very grateful if any of you can help.
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How shall I choose between Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S?
I'm trying to watch some videos off an external and was wondering what format to convert them to.
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Are automatic updates whenever included ?