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Blu ray ripping options
How to Play created DVD? --
Created DVD will not play with Windows Media Player my standard player. The disk is seen by the drive, but it will not start.
I want to watch my bought DVD movies on my Kindle Fire in my spare time, I will be very grateful if any of you can help.
why can i not pay with paypal? --
i wan't to buy software and on the site you write you accept paypal
but i i will pay i can not choose the option Paypal
why is that and how can i pay with Paypal?
Where would I find this?
i cant chose languages from blyray? --

i cant chose languages fronm bluray how cana i solve it?
youer spam control is terrible

Movie maker sound before video issue? --
My video picture and audio are not synchronous. What is the problem and how to fix it?
critical patch update? --
I reveieved a window that prompted me to to a critical patch update.
Can Blu-Ray copy for Windows use multiple audio tracks in a single video file?
Do I need a Blu-ray R/W Drive? --
Do I need a Blu-ray Read/Write drive to burn Blu-ray format files to a Blu-ray disc using your software?