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error with trial blu ray? --
error when downloading the blu ray ripper trial. At that adress :
when unzipping, its is the DVD ripper, not blu ray !
I want to rip Videos from DVD ......? --
I want to rip videos from dvd, should is rip the dvd via softwares like HandBrake etc, or should i copy and paste .VOB video files from DVD to my computer ? what is the difference between these 2 ways ? which one method is better and why ?
Multiple Audio in one file? --


the Blu Ray Ripper is a nice program. If you can tell me if the is a way to copy 2 languages into the same movie i would buy the full version.

Blu ray ripping options
The YouTube page in download mode does not display.. there are only a few grey squares / shapes on screen. It also appears a new version of the downloader is available to download however when I click on download, a dialogue box appears stating the web address / link could not be found
When converting either a Blue ray or DVD to my computer, the subsequent mp4 file volume is very low.  When I try to play it on my computer or TV, I have to turn the volume way up for it to be decent output.  I've tried using different audio formats when converting, but it doesn't seem to change anything.
Do I need a Blu-ray R/W Drive? --
Do I need a Blu-ray Read/Write drive to burn Blu-ray format files to a Blu-ray disc using your software?
I paid for this online but the rego code has not arrived
No audio downloads.? --
I check Audio in Settings but no audio downloads from youTube.  I have tried different codecs, but its always the same.
Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5S? --
How shall I choose between Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S?