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No audio downloads.? --
I check Audio in Settings but no audio downloads from youTube.  I have tried different codecs, but its always the same.
error with trial blu ray? --
error when downloading the blu ray ripper trial. At that adress :
when unzipping, its is the DVD ripper, not blu ray !
Listen to music on my iphone? --
I just bought an iphone from the store but dont know how to listen to music. I have trouble listening to gwen stefani.
I checked out a CD from the public library and listened to it on my computer. Then I dragged two songs into my iTunes library. Is this illegal, since that's loaned stuff?
I downloaded all the episodes of Bluestone 42 from BBC iPlayer and I want to put them onto my 4th Gen iPod touch but I can't find any decent video file converters. Anyone know any?
I convert avi to dvd, but can't play them on my dvd player. VCD and orindary dvd play well. Do I need another DVD converter program or what can I do? Please help!
Do I need a Blu-ray R/W Drive? --
Do I need a Blu-ray Read/Write drive to burn Blu-ray format files to a Blu-ray disc using your software?
Blu ray ripping options

Just wondering, video and audio formats.

I know YouTube converts the video formats, but I prefer the uploaded video keeps the orginal quality like it is on my computer.

What format should i use to upload a video to youtube?

When converting either a Blue ray or DVD to my computer, the subsequent mp4 file volume is very low.  When I try to play it on my computer or TV, I have to turn the volume way up for it to be decent output.  I've tried using different audio formats when converting, but it doesn't seem to change anything.