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I've downloaded some videos in mpeg format, can I watch them on iPad?
itunes library and ipod help? --
I DOWNLOADED itunes but when i go on, how can i get to my account, and my files, library?!??!
I have no experience on Blu ray files and disk yet. I haven't bought a single movie in blu ray.
So I would like to ask, do I need a special media player to play blu ray movies downloaded from the internet? How about from a blu ray disk inserted into the disk drive?
I've created my own movie recently, and I wonder how to turn it from 2D to 3D? I only shot the video with one camera, so I cannot re-shot the whole video again.
What color should I choose for iPhone 5s? The chrome ring around the white home screen seems nice. But I like black...
cannot register? --
Bought the converter, keep getting error message when trying to register it
I have some movies stored on my PC and I want to burn them on DVD. I tried doing that but they don't play on my DVD player. Any help?
How about MacOS 10.13 or even 10.14? --

1. Is your Blu-ray Creator for Mac compatible with the newer or newest versions of MacOS?
2. The screenshots on your site show a remarkable similarity to Leawo Blu-ray Creator? Is it the same program? I'm using the Leawo program, but looking for a faster program. Will your program meet my demands?

Thanks in advance.

have loaded my videos on to my computer but when i load to dvd programme they are upside down
How can i buy via paypal? --


I'm trying to buy bluray mac converter via paypal. But i can not see in payment option. Could you please help me?