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Bluesound Vault Fiel Cleanup? --

I have moved my music collect (@9,000 songs) to a Bluesond Vault.  There are metadata issues with many of the files -- mostly duplicates on the same album and albuym artwork.  Many of these fiules are high resolution FLAC files.  Can imElfin "clean up" this external collection?


So i went skydiving recently and i got a video of it done by the skydivers. The dvd works fine in a dvd player but i wanted to rip the video to send it to my family and friends via email to show them and the only files on the dvd are VOB, IFO and BUP files and i dont know how to rip a video from those files. So can someone help me out and tell me how i can rip the video from this DVD?
how to quit ? --
how to quit ?
wie kündige ich ein probe-Abo ?

I want to know if this software can, say spit a 10 chapter audiobook, into 20 (smaller) chapters.

Thank you,
Michael Gunter

Typed in Activation Code, but nothing happens.
why can i not pay with paypal? --
i wan't to buy software and on the site you write you accept paypal
but i i will pay i can not choose the option Paypal
why is that and how can i pay with Paypal?
How do I burn a DVD *.iso file to a blank DVD so that it will work as a regular DVD-Video disc?
How do i activate the 30 day trial or do I need to purchase the product first?
Multiple Audio in one file? --


the Blu Ray Ripper is a nice program. If you can tell me if the is a way to copy 2 languages into the same movie i would buy the full version.

I trying to make backup copies of DVD that have the latest protection including Will this work with AACS protected blue ray dvd?