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Burning BD video without conversion? --


I want to burn some camera mivies on Blu ray disc without any conversion.
The movies are already in mp4 format the size and quality i want.
Is it possible to burn it with Blu ray creeator without conversion ???

regards from germany
Michael Klump

I trying to make backup copies of DVD that have the latest protection including Will this work with AACS protected blue ray dvd?
Convert AAX file to MP3? --

I bought yesterday your converter for Audible filês
I have one AAX file I tried to convert
Translation went through, but, as the AAX source file has a duration of 1H10 min
utes, the resulting MP3 file is truncated and is only 53 minutes

How could I solve the problem ?

Thanks   Have a good day

blu-ray copy, the button copy is not active?
mac os catalina 10.15.2 beta
zum Beispiel "der Marsianer"
How do I burn a DVD *.iso file to a blank DVD so that it will work as a regular DVD-Video disc?
I paid for this online but the rego code has not arrived
Transfer iTunes music to a new laptop? --
I want to transfer itunes music from my old desktop to my new laptop. I have both purchased songs from Itunes and free songs downloaded from limewire and the like, will transfer software transfer all of the music to my laptop?
Tunes Cleaner? --
Need updater for Mac Tunes Cleaner. Catalina will not launch to update within app.
Typed in Activation Code, but nothing happens.