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How do I burn a DVD *.iso file to a blank DVD so that it will work as a regular DVD-Video disc?
I paid for this online but the rego code has not arrived
How to convert PAL video to NTSC? --

"I have a 600MB video file in MPEG2 format but when I burned it on DVD, our player won't play the disc since it's set to NTSC as well as the TV.

Do you know any software that could convert it to NTSC?

invalid license? --
tried to activate- invalid license
Itunes Library? --
Would do I do if a great number of songs in my itunes library have incorrect album art and names after using this program...this is pretty bad.
product inactive but i purchased? --

i buy this product im elfin blurry dvd copy $39.99 in your web site but the product has inactive never sent me a license pleased let me know what i do you can sent a email to


???????? url??????? --

??no 45215217?????????



why is there commercials in my video? --
Toyota commercial in video
3d bluray copy? --
we can copy 3d movies
what is a good screen recorder? --
Which screen recorder software will you recommend? I want to record some news videos.