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how can you copy any bonus features from a blu ray disc? dvd shrink can do it with dvds
Where would I find this?
have loaded my videos on to my computer but when i load to dvd programme they are upside down
Multiple Audio in one file? --


the Blu Ray Ripper is a nice program. If you can tell me if the is a way to copy 2 languages into the same movie i would buy the full version.

I paid for this online but the rego code has not arrived
updates included? --
Are automatic updates whenever included ?
3-d-blu-ray copy? --
3-d-movie copy with Blu-Ray Copy possible?
How to convert PAL video to NTSC? --

"I have a 600MB video file in MPEG2 format but when I burned it on DVD, our player won't play the disc since it's set to NTSC as well as the TV.

Do you know any software that could convert it to NTSC?

Can Blu-Ray copy for Windows use multiple audio tracks in a single video file?
why is there commercials in my video? --
Toyota commercial in video