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I want to rip Videos from DVD ......? --
I want to rip videos from dvd, should is rip the dvd via softwares like HandBrake etc, or should i copy and paste .VOB video files from DVD to my computer ? what is the difference between these 2 ways ? which one method is better and why ?
I downloaded all the episodes of Bluestone 42 from BBC iPlayer and I want to put them onto my 4th Gen iPod touch but I can't find any decent video file converters. Anyone know any?
Currently the audio book converter defaults to a bitrate of 56kb.  This is not very good.  It makes the book sound like it's underwater.  Is there any way to change that?  Did I just waste money on this product?
why can i not pay with paypal? --
i wan't to buy software and on the site you write you accept paypal
but i i will pay i can not choose the option Paypal
why is that and how can i pay with Paypal?
Recent days I've converted some homemade video to WMV format. But when I play the converted video, there is no audio can be played? How can I do it successfully?
How to import DVDs to my tablet? --
Hi there,
I recently got a nexus 7, and I was just want to know if I can put any movies I have on DVD onto the nexus 7? Hope this helps.
convertion from .h264 to MP4? --
i was converting .H264 file to MP4 but it gives Muxing failed.
Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5S? --
How shall I choose between Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S?
PS4 or xbox720? --
I go for PS4, how about u?
Transfer iTunes music to a new laptop? --
I want to transfer itunes music from my old desktop to my new laptop. I have both purchased songs from Itunes and free songs downloaded from limewire and the like, will transfer software transfer all of the music to my laptop?