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I want to watch my bought DVD movies on my Kindle Fire in my spare time, I will be very grateful if any of you can help.
convertion from .h264 to MP4? --
i was converting .H264 file to MP4 but it gives Muxing failed.
Movie maker sound before video issue? --
My video picture and audio are not synchronous. What is the problem and how to fix it?
How much video can a 30gb ipod video hold? What's the minimum and maximum?
I want a converter program to convert video to gif easily. Windows movie maker helps me get video clips, but I need a good gif converter without watermark inserted. Help? I have tried a lot, either give low quality or come with watermarks.
If I am not satisfied with how the product refund it?
Movie Downloading Software? --
Hello guys I recently bought a PC and I wonder how can I download movies to my PC? aka I need a movide downloading software
error with trial blu ray? --
error when downloading the blu ray ripper trial. At that adress :
when unzipping, its is the DVD ripper, not blu ray !
PS4 or xbox720? --
I go for PS4, how about u?
Anyway, my laptop crashed and I now want to get my ipod music onto my computer desktop. But how? I do not know about computer well. Please give me details about what to do step by step. Any simple tool is appreciated!