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i cant chose languages from blyray? --

i cant chose languages fronm bluray how cana i solve it?
youer spam control is terrible

Recent days I've converted some homemade video to WMV format. But when I play the converted video, there is no audio can be played? How can I do it successfully?
convertion from .h264 to MP4? --
i was converting .H264 file to MP4 but it gives Muxing failed.
Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5S? --
How shall I choose between Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S?

The playstation is connected in the back with hdmi and i can see and hear everything.

Now my pc is a very big i can't take it to the living room but i want somehow to record to something my ps3 gameplay so i can move it later to the pc.

Is there any external hard disk or something that i put hard disk inside and it will be connected to the back of the tv and record the video ?

I am using TOSHIBA REGZA TV set.

I checked out a CD from the public library and listened to it on my computer. Then I dragged two songs into my iTunes library. Is this illegal, since that's loaned stuff?
I downloaded all the episodes of Bluestone 42 from BBC iPlayer and I want to put them onto my 4th Gen iPod touch but I can't find any decent video file converters. Anyone know any?

my blu-ray copy plays all the previews, then when the movie come on, it freezes and all you hear is the sound,can you help me?

                                  thank you

How to Play created DVD? --
Created DVD will not play with Windows Media Player my standard player. The disk is seen by the drive, but it will not start.
I've got a MBP and I'd like to transfer photos from my mac to my iPhone5. What's The easiest way to do so?