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Can anyone tell me tips about you tube video submission for promotion (or seo)?
Bluesound Vault Fiel Cleanup? --

I have moved my music collect (@9,000 songs) to a Bluesond Vault.  There are metadata issues with many of the files -- mostly duplicates on the same album and albuym artwork.  Many of these fiules are high resolution FLAC files.  Can imElfin "clean up" this external collection?


How to i get my free upgrade? --

Name: Paul Tomaro

Activation key: 7CA27FCD991FF534F915154A

Converting web videos to GIF? --
How to convert a web video like Youtube video to GIF?
Subtitles for Blu-Ray Creator? --

Is any possibility for editing the subtitles (font, color, size etc?) I am not happy with the actual appearance.

Thank you very much!

I know I can use iTunes to transfer photos from Mac to iPad with iTunes, but how I can transfer photos from iPad to Mac?

If you are recording video on iPhone and it runs out of battery, does the iPhone save the video before it shuts down, does it discard the video, or something else?

Also, does it pause or stop the video when the battery reaches 20%?

Watch online video on Iphone3G? --
When i watch video on my iPhone 3g, it plays videos but for 3 secs and then goes back to the page where the video is. why that happens? I can't watch the entire video!! What should I do?
HD DVD Player or Blu Ray DVD player? --
What is the difference between HD DVD Player and Blu Ray DVD player? I have a Toshiba HDTV 1080 P DVD player, but am considering a Blu-ray DVD player. Will the Blu-ray player play my regular DVDs better than my DVD player now?
I want to put video on to my computer from my video camera, which is Sony. The video is on cassette, I have software to transfer it, but it doesn't work. And it keeps asking me to download macromedia flash player, and after I do nothing happens. Anyone have experience with this?