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How can i buy via paypal? --


I'm trying to buy bluray mac converter via paypal. But i can not see in payment option. Could you please help me?


Subtitles for Blu-Ray Creator? --

Is any possibility for editing the subtitles (font, color, size etc?) I am not happy with the actual appearance.

Thank you very much!

I got this program to Convert WMA Audio files to MP3 files. The documentation said that it was able to do this. But I cannot figure out IF or How you do this convertion.
Can you help?


how to download a youtube video? --
how to download avideo?
Can anyone tell me tips about you tube video submission for promotion (or seo)?
You state on your web page your Total Media Converter will take itunes videos and convert them to, for example MKV format. I would like to take videos I have purchased, convert, and put on a media drive to watch on TV without having to use a Apple device as the play source.
Does your software perform as your web page states? If so what is the trick?
If you tell me I have to purchase the product to enable that feature it undermines a trial of your product.
How to i get my free upgrade? --

Name: Paul Tomaro

Activation key: 7CA27FCD991FF534F915154A

I want to  buy the Zune 80 GB Video MP3 Player. Is there any website for selling this  player at cheaper price?
HD DVD Player or Blu Ray DVD player? --
What is the difference between HD DVD Player and Blu Ray DVD player? I have a Toshiba HDTV 1080 P DVD player, but am considering a Blu-ray DVD player. Will the Blu-ray player play my regular DVDs better than my DVD player now?
I know I can use iTunes to transfer photos from Mac to iPad with iTunes, but how I can transfer photos from iPad to Mac?