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You state on your web page your Total Media Converter will take itunes videos and convert them to, for example MKV format. I would like to take videos I have purchased, convert, and put on a media drive to watch on TV without having to use a Apple device as the play source.
Does your software perform as your web page states? If so what is the trick?
If you tell me I have to purchase the product to enable that feature it undermines a trial of your product.
How can i buy via paypal? --


I'm trying to buy bluray mac converter via paypal. But i can not see in payment option. Could you please help me?


How to i get my free upgrade? --

Name: Paul Tomaro

Activation key: 7CA27FCD991FF534F915154A

What is the easist way to add overlay text over videos like AVI, MP4, etc..
I want to find some YouTube downloader that can convert video so that I can play them on my iPoad touch. DO you guys have any suggestion?
Can anyone tell me tips about you tube video submission for promotion (or seo)?
I know youtube converts your uploaded video after it's uploaded.
I'm trying to copy the same quality a video has on a computer onto the uploaded version; hopefully you can follow what I'm tryin' to say.
How about MacOS 10.13 or even 10.14? --

1. Is your Blu-ray Creator for Mac compatible with the newer or newest versions of MacOS?
2. The screenshots on your site show a remarkable similarity to Leawo Blu-ray Creator? Is it the same program? I'm using the Leawo program, but looking for a faster program. Will your program meet my demands?

Thanks in advance.

AVI videos can't play! Please help!? --
All the video players on my computer suddenly couldn't open any avi video files. I don't know when does it happens. I've tried Windows Media Player, Quick Time, VLC Media Player and DivX. I installed K-Lite_Codec_Pack_660_Full instead of teh ffdshow. But these didn't change anything. I also tried the Shark007 5.8.6 codec pack but it still didn't work. My computer runs Windows XP Pros 2002 SP3. Please help me, thank you!
I want to put video on to my computer from my video camera, which is Sony. The video is on cassette, I have software to transfer it, but it doesn't work. And it keeps asking me to download macromedia flash player, and after I do nothing happens. Anyone have experience with this?