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I just want to know which DVD or Blueray ripper is best and fast.
Do you accept Paypal? --
Can you please send me a link to pay with paypal
How to i get my free upgrade? --

Name: Paul Tomaro

Activation key: 7CA27FCD991FF534F915154A

iTunes............? --
How to find the download directory in iTunes?
how to download a youtube video? --
how to download avideo?
What is your favourite movie? --
Movies and the roles/actors (actress)
How can I rip Blu-ray to PS3? --
I wanna rip blu-ray to PS3 (Sony Playstation 3) and create my own favorite movie collections (HD). How can i do this?
Anyway, my laptop crashed and I now want to get my ipod music onto my computer desktop. But how? I do not know about computer well. Please give me details about what to do step by step. Any simple tool is appreciated!
I have got a lot of videos on my computer, in mov, mp4 and avi formats. Can I use a single video or DVD burner to burn all those files onto my blank dvd disks? I tried nero burner, not good. So I hope I could get an answer here and can you tell me how? I prefer an easy way to do this. Thank you very much!!!
HD DVD Player or Blu Ray DVD player? --
What is the difference between HD DVD Player and Blu Ray DVD player? I have a Toshiba HDTV 1080 P DVD player, but am considering a Blu-ray DVD player. Will the Blu-ray player play my regular DVDs better than my DVD player now?