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How do you like YouTube? --
How do you like YouTube?
Do you accept Paypal? --
Can you please send me a link to pay with paypal

If you are recording video on iPhone and it runs out of battery, does the iPhone save the video before it shuts down, does it discard the video, or something else?

Also, does it pause or stop the video when the battery reaches 20%?

I just want to know which DVD or Blueray ripper is best and fast.
Continued Error? --
Just purchased dvd and blu ray full ripper 107. I keep getting an error after I use program once close it and start again Qt5Network.dll I am trying to solve but with much trouble. So I keep having to reinstall the program?
I've downloaded some videos in mpeg format, can I watch them on iPad?
What color should I choose for iPhone 5s? The chrome ring around the white home screen seems nice. But I like black...

I have a video in .MOV format, it plays well on my IPAD 2. Now I need to edit it with Windows Live Movie, but the software won't accept this format.

How to convert the .MOV format to Windows Live Movie?

What is your favourite movie? --
Movies and the roles/actors (actress)
hi does anyone know which website to use for downloading movies off line