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You state on your web page your Total Media Converter will take itunes videos and convert them to, for example MKV format. I would like to take videos I have purchased, convert, and put on a media drive to watch on TV without having to use a Apple device as the play source.
Does your software perform as your web page states? If so what is the trick?
If you tell me I have to purchase the product to enable that feature it undermines a trial of your product.
I just want to know which DVD or Blueray ripper is best and fast.
A video broke video player and tv!? --
I put an old movie into two of my DVD players, both did not work since that failed disc. And it said no signal. Now my player DOES NOT work anymore.Anyway to resolve it??

Hello, just purchased your product and am trying to create a video from some old mp4 files from an old phone i uploaded, all clips are appearing sideways and there appears no option to change orientation to upright?  PLease assist if possible


How do i activate the 30 day trial or do I need to purchase the product first?
What format does Flash video use? --
I want to make a Flash. What output format should I choose? I am using a video converter!
I have been getting sick of YouTube and I decided to split my youtube channel into 4 other channels. Now I am enjoying making these youtube channels. But I can't understand the customized thumbnails, which bothers me a lot!!!
On my old channel, I had customized thumbnails. But on my new youtube channels, I dont have them. I emailed youtube to ask why I just get jibber jabber that I cant understand back!
What can i do now?
I have some movies stored on my PC and I want to burn them on DVD. I tried doing that but they don't play on my DVD player. Any help?

I want to know if this software can, say spit a 10 chapter audiobook, into 20 (smaller) chapters.

Thank you,
Michael Gunter

n the Blu-ray Copy to Copy it says "no rewritable BD-R/-RE is found, please insert a writable disc.  This is not accurate because I know my blu ray discs are writable and blank?  (This is after it runs thru the original blu ray disc and is ready to burn the blu ray)  I just purchased this from your website and I may want money back if we can't fix this issue.  Thanks for your time.