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I have a iPhone and can't download the songs straight to my phone.
AVI videos can't play! Please help!? --
All the video players on my computer suddenly couldn't open any avi video files. I don't know when does it happens. I've tried Windows Media Player, Quick Time, VLC Media Player and DivX. I installed K-Lite_Codec_Pack_660_Full instead of teh ffdshow. But these didn't change anything. I also tried the Shark007 5.8.6 codec pack but it still didn't work. My computer runs Windows XP Pros 2002 SP3. Please help me, thank you!
I recently bought some music on my I phone. Now I have a new computer. Who can tell me how to sync the music library on both my computer and my phone without deleting all of the newly bought music. I tunes tutorials are useless to me... don't know what to do :(
How to download youtube videos onto my mac easily, and for free?
I am creating my first youtube video and need an easy-to-use & free editing program. What video editting freeware have you tried and would like to recommend? Thanks a lot!
I play multiple instruments and i would like to make a cover video of me playing all of the instruments, in one video. I've seen a lot of other videos where its done,but i'm not sure how to do it in windows live movie maker or if it is even possible in windows live movie maker. I think it can be done but I just have no idea how. Please give specific instructions on how or a different program where i can do that.
I have movies saved as VLC media files and would like to burn them to DVD's. I am trying to drag and drop the icons onto the imElfin program however it is not letting me. Does anyone know if imElfin supports VLC media files>?
What is the easist way to add overlay text over videos like AVI, MP4, etc..
how can i download a youtube video?

"imElfinBlurayRipper" can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.