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A video broke video player and tv!? --
I put an old movie into two of my DVD players, both did not work since that failed disc. And it said no signal. Now my player DOES NOT work anymore.Anyway to resolve it??
What color should I choose for iPhone 5s? The chrome ring around the white home screen seems nice. But I like black...
I recently bought some music on my I phone. Now I have a new computer. Who can tell me how to sync the music library on both my computer and my phone without deleting all of the newly bought music. I tunes tutorials are useless to me... don't know what to do :(
how do you rotate video? --
I recorded a video on my phone that's turned sideways when played. How do I rotate it to play on my computer?
PS4 for Cyber Monday? --
I want to get a PS4 on CyberMonday. Where can I get it and any ideas?
How do you like YouTube? --
How do you like YouTube?

If you are recording video on iPhone and it runs out of battery, does the iPhone save the video before it shuts down, does it discard the video, or something else?

Also, does it pause or stop the video when the battery reaches 20%?

I have been getting sick of YouTube and I decided to split my youtube channel into 4 other channels. Now I am enjoying making these youtube channels. But I can't understand the customized thumbnails, which bothers me a lot!!!
On my old channel, I had customized thumbnails. But on my new youtube channels, I dont have them. I emailed youtube to ask why I just get jibber jabber that I cant understand back!
What can i do now?
I want to put video on to my computer from my video camera, which is Sony. The video is on cassette, I have software to transfer it, but it doesn't work. And it keeps asking me to download macromedia flash player, and after I do nothing happens. Anyone have experience with this?
Do you accept Paypal? --
Can you please send me a link to pay with paypal