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3d bluray copy? --
we can copy 3d movies
3-d-blu-ray copy? --
3-d-movie copy with Blu-Ray Copy possible?
How to convert PAL video to NTSC? --

"I have a 600MB video file in MPEG2 format but when I burned it on DVD, our player won't play the disc since it's set to NTSC as well as the TV.

Do you know any software that could convert it to NTSC?

What format do I download video's in? --
I want to download a video off youtube, so when my internets down, I can watch it on my laptop, my question is, what format do I download it in, so I can press a button on my desktop and the video would play?
Typed in Activation Code, but nothing happens.
When installing this program on Win7 x64, I got the Blue Screen of death warning me of a driver conflict.
When I attempted to uninstall it by running the unins000.exe file, I got an error message that the unins000.dat file was corrupt (0 KB size). can I uninstall the program
I can't upload video to YouTube? --
I have DIYed a home gallery slides but it won't upload to YouTube? What should I do?
I can't get a video to load? --

I downloaded imElfin, copied URL of youtube video and... nothing happens.

Please help!

Thank you.

what is a good screen recorder? --
Which screen recorder software will you recommend? I want to record some news videos.
blu-ray copy, the button copy is not active?
mac os catalina 10.15.2 beta