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Will this app let me create decent audio files from dvds & blue-rays so I can load them in iTunes and have good quaility playback?
where can I input my application code
I want to burn a dvd on my computer? --
I want to burn a couple of dvds off the computer, I have some dvds that are the origins copies of some shows and I want to burn them off my computer. I have 2 lap tops and desktop computers and I know that I put the dvd in the drive of the tower, but were does the plain dvd cd go into to couple it?
combining the resulting mp4"s ? --
Dear Support Team,
before i buy the full version:
After converting the video-ts and audio-s of a video DVD,
I do have a number of  mp4.s , how do I combine these in the correct order into one mp4 ?
Compability? --

Your system use to work great. But I haven't used it in several months and now I'm not able to rip any BD's , it seams to work just fine on a DVD though. I did just recently upgrade to OS X Yosemite

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can not play on some blu-ray players.? --
can not play on some blu-ray players.?

Which is the best software to rip DVD video to avi?

I tried some programs, but they only rip the video but cannot convert or compress the video to AVI. What I want to do is directly convert DVD video to the compressed AVI format

I have blu-ray ripper and want to upgrade to total media converter. can I upgrade and pay the difference or do I have to purchase total media converter flat out?
Is Blu-Ray copy compatible with windows10?
I keep getting the message "directory invalid" when I choose the PS3 game I am trying to copy onto a Blu Ray Disc.  Can you help?