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Nexus one VS iPhone on video player? --
If just focus on video player, Nexus one and iPhone, whp is the winner?
I have blu-ray ripper and want to upgrade to total media converter. can I upgrade and pay the difference or do I have to purchase total media converter flat out?
Why I needed Internet to make copy? --
Blue-ray Copy program request Internet connection to make copy
move progrem? --

i need to move the program from a computer (old) to another new.

i have a illimitate licence, how can i do it?


Blu-ray Creator for Mac? --
I have downloaded Blu-ray Creator for Mac and when I look at the User guide the interface that the software I downloaded is nothing like the one in the guide with far fewer options - am I missing something?
I keep getting the message "directory invalid" when I choose the PS3 game I am trying to copy onto a Blu Ray Disc.  Can you help?
downloader fails in trial version? --
downloaded imelfin for downloading youtube.  Second try to download failed and no files were shown in first dialog box for downloading.  Also plays as recording and I thought that there would be a fast track download speed available?
where can I input my application code
When converting either a Blue ray or DVD to my computer, the subsequent mp4 file volume is very low.  When I try to play it on my computer or TV, I have to turn the volume way up for it to be decent output.  I've tried using different audio formats when converting, but it doesn't seem to change anything.
See above question.  What profram and what are the steps to load a dvd to my iPad Air