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Hello.  I am trying to burn some halloween video files to a dvd.  They are from AtmosFX.  It was their suggestion to try your free trial and burn my videos.  I have opened the files and they are not showing from your program.  I went down the list trying the different formats and had no success.  I also tried dragging and dropping, but all I got was a circle with a line through it.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your time.
I can't upload video to YouTube? --
I have DIYed a home gallery slides but it won't upload to YouTube? What should I do?

When I add file SRT with a file MP4 to do a DVD. The text does not appair, like Concerto from Bruch.
exemple :  >>>
00:00:00,00 --> 00:00:06,000
Concerto Max bruch N°1

My version of your program :

After a lot of test, does not work
I have purchased your program.
Thank you for your quickly answer
H Lamy

Blu-ray Creator for Mac? --
I have downloaded Blu-ray Creator for Mac and when I look at the User guide the interface that the software I downloaded is nothing like the one in the guide with far fewer options - am I missing something?
How to uninstall video converter from a Mac?

I send you multiple tickets to get a new activation code, mine is not working at all and I bought your software, so I need this activation code

Thank you,


Which iPad should I get? --
Which iPad should I get, the 2013 version or other models?
This is my first time. I am using moviemakers. My video format is quicktime which my friends say it is not a video format to use for youtube.
What does imElfin cost? --
What is the cost of imElfin after free download?
What format do I download video's in? --
I want to download a video off youtube, so when my internets down, I can watch it on my laptop, my question is, what format do I download it in, so I can press a button on my desktop and the video would play?