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When installing this program on Win7 x64, I got the Blue Screen of death warning me of a driver conflict.
When I attempted to uninstall it by running the unins000.exe file, I got an error message that the unins000.dat file was corrupt (0 KB size). can I uninstall the program
move progrem? --

i need to move the program from a computer (old) to another new.

i have a illimitate licence, how can i do it?


How to uninstall video converter from a Mac?
3d bluray copy? --
we can copy 3d movies
I am trying to download the trial version of the Blu-ray creator, but when I try to open the app it says the it is damaged and that it should be removed.
Hello.  I am trying to burn some halloween video files to a dvd.  They are from AtmosFX.  It was their suggestion to try your free trial and burn my videos.  I have opened the files and they are not showing from your program.  I went down the list trying the different formats and had no success.  I also tried dragging and dropping, but all I got was a circle with a line through it.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your time.
Is there a free program to transfer files to iPod?
Nexus one VS iPhone on video player? --
If just focus on video player, Nexus one and iPhone, whp is the winner?
Which iPad should I get? --
Which iPad should I get, the 2013 version or other models?
Tunes Cleaner? --
Need updater for Mac Tunes Cleaner. Catalina will not launch to update within app.