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invalid license? --
tried to activate- invalid license
I want to burn a dvd on my computer? --
I want to burn a couple of dvds off the computer, I have some dvds that are the origins copies of some shows and I want to burn them off my computer. I have 2 lap tops and desktop computers and I know that I put the dvd in the drive of the tower, but were does the plain dvd cd go into to couple it?

Which is the best software to rip DVD video to avi?

I tried some programs, but they only rip the video but cannot convert or compress the video to AVI. What I want to do is directly convert DVD video to the compressed AVI format

Nexus one VS iPhone on video player? --
If just focus on video player, Nexus one and iPhone, whp is the winner?
Which iPad should I get? --
Which iPad should I get, the 2013 version or other models?
can not play on some blu-ray players.? --
can not play on some blu-ray players.?
I did a backup for ituns, but that didnt work. Perhaps I performed a wrong operation when reloading formats. Then all the backup music was gone. Can you tell me how to transfer songs on my iPod to iTunes and backup again?
blu-ray copy, the button copy is not active?
mac os catalina 10.15.2 beta
Recommended Blu-ray/DVD/CD burners? --

Being new to Blu-ray burning, what brands of Blu-ray/DVD/CD recorders for Mac do you recommend?

Thank you...

Where would I find this?