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I want to burn a dvd on my computer? --
I want to burn a couple of dvds off the computer, I have some dvds that are the origins copies of some shows and I want to burn them off my computer. I have 2 lap tops and desktop computers and I know that I put the dvd in the drive of the tower, but were does the plain dvd cd go into to couple it?
I am trying to download the trial version of the Blu-ray creator, but when I try to open the app it says the it is damaged and that it should be removed.
Hello everyone, I need a free and legal software to record my gameplay videos, any advice will be appreciated.
Which iPad should I get? --
Which iPad should I get, the 2013 version or other models?
This is my first time. I am using moviemakers. My video format is quicktime which my friends say it is not a video format to use for youtube.
Recommended Blu-ray/DVD/CD burners? --

Being new to Blu-ray burning, what brands of Blu-ray/DVD/CD recorders for Mac do you recommend?

Thank you...

This Application Could be allot better? --

This is no way an iDVD alternative where

1. iDvd Allowed for Chapter recognized files and this one doesn't.
2. No Animated sequences menus
3. Buttons are ugly,when scaling the buttons look uneven when rounded.
4. the words/titles in the program are not middle centered.
5. More control over animating your menu content bringing your graphics very much needed.
6. I would pay up to $100 dollars if you get these features in.

As for now an incomplete ugly application.

I recently purchased a easycap to record my gameplay so I can put them on YouTube. Everytime I make the video and try putting it on YouTube it said " this video format is unsupported"
Hello.  I am trying to burn some halloween video files to a dvd.  They are from AtmosFX.  It was their suggestion to try your free trial and burn my videos.  I have opened the files and they are not showing from your program.  I went down the list trying the different formats and had no success.  I also tried dragging and dropping, but all I got was a circle with a line through it.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your time.
HOW to do a screenshot? --
Impossible to do a screenshot
Thank you and regards