How to put video from video camera to my computer?


6/27/2013 8:31:31 PM
I want to put video on to my computer from my video camera, which is Sony. The video is on cassette, I have software to transfer it, but it doesn't work. And it keeps asking me to download macromedia flash player, and after I do nothing happens. Anyone have experience with this?


06/27/2013 20:27:46

Get the StashBox, a video editing application from StashSpace.Com that is very easy to use and has a great import directly from your camcorder option. The application is free. Go to and sign-up for an account (Free and Paid account levels). Then on the my account tab click on the StashBox icon. Their record directly from camcorder feature is very intuitive. They also have great pick up the phone customer support in case you need any help.

Alternatively you can send your video tapes to StashSpace to be transferred into a digital format (only $7 tape). You can edit the video online or receive your video back on data DVD or portable hard drive.

06/27/2013 20:29:41

If your camera has a firewire port, using that should work, if not on that program then another one. Windows Movie Maker or iMovie for Macs are two very easy programs to use, and from there you can take the recorded file into a different program.

If you have to use a/v wires, and you don't have a capturing device or something like Tivo where you can record it into a digital format, you might want to hire someone. A company will rip you off, but most likely you can find a video student from your local high school or college that has the means & technical know-how and would be willing to do it cheaply.

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How to put video from video camera to my computer?