PS4 or xbox720?


12/2/2013 12:06:43 AM
I go for PS4, how about u?


12/8/2013 20:00:09
PS3 is more powerful than 360, so PS4 will be more powerful than 720.
12/11/2013 19:08:18
no such thing as Xbox 720. They changed it to Xbox One. And I go with the PS4 too
12/28/2013 00:30:17

Well, this is really an opinion based answer, as neither systems have come out with any kind of specs for the systems. However, there are some rumors/basic things that we know so far.

I am a Sony fan, so logically I have been keeping up more with the PS4, and I do know some things about it. First off, it will not have backwards compatibility upon the system's launch. This is sorta good and sorta bad. It will keep some Sony fans from buying it because they might be sacrificing the ability to play PS3 games on it. Then again, this will reduce the price considerably. Also, it sounds as if the system will have some sort of restriction with new and used games, where some parts of the game are only available for people who buy the game new. However, it sounds as if Xbox might do this as well, but this is unconfirmed for both systems.

In terms of what will win, I will say PS4 for a few reasons. First off, it will come out first, as vowed by Sony a couple years ago, saying that if they do anything, it will be getting the PS4 out before Microsoft's next system. Secondly, I believe that it will have better specs. Sony owns the Blu-ray hardware, and although Xbox is rumored to be using Blu-ray as well with their next system, Sony has more experience working with Blu-ray, and will probably create some better graphical games upon the launch of the two systems. Third, Sony has always, and will continue to have a considerably greater number of exclusives, which is something that Microsoft has seemed to struggle with.

Then again, we dont have any solid information on either system yet, so its really up to opinion.

12/28/2013 00:36:07
PS4.Playstation has been dominating the gaming consoles these past decades.PS1 was better than the N64.PS2 was better than the Xbox by far.PS3 was better than the Xbox 360.You can see the trend here.Playstation has been around longer than Xbox and they have more experience.The Specs have already been announced for the 720 and PS4 and the PS4 is more powerful.
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PS4 or xbox720?