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Is Blu-Ray copy compatible with windows10?
How can I convert the entire movie? --
I recently got this product and I love the idea of it. But, every time I try to convert a bought ITunes movie, it only converts the first five minutes of the movie. I have tried over a hundred times, dragging the file, clicking the file, EVERYTHING, and yet, it will still only come out converted with the first five minutes. This is very, very frustrating. How can I fix this? What am I doing wrong? How can I convert the entire movie? Please help!
Compability? --

Your system use to work great. But I haven't used it in several months and now I'm not able to rip any BD's , it seams to work just fine on a DVD though. I did just recently upgrade to OS X Yosemite

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How to create and edit movie clips? --
I want to make some clips from different movies and make them as the source on my teaching classes, how to do this?
Sometimes I found the DVD I burnt has a pretty poor quality, while it looks pretty good on my computer. Is it an inevitable quality loss in burning process? Or can I burn a DVD without any quality loss?
blu-ray copy, the button copy is not active?
mac os catalina 10.15.2 beta
software update? --
I am using an iMac.
I am lifetime registered for imElfin Mac DVDRipper and imElfin Mac Blurayripper.
The current version I am using is 7.3.3 for imElfin Mac Blurayripper and I am unable to upgrade to latest 8.0.0.
I managed to download the file imelfin_bdripper_setup.dmg, decompress it in my application folder, but when I start the application, this is still the old version which is running.
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I tried out the iTune Clearer thinking it would be an awesome tool but it flags all songs that have the artwork from iTunes as missing - not exactly useful. Almost always, the artwork from iTunes is superior and just because it's not embedded within the audio file is it missing - it will strill transfer to Apple devices.
Syncios free seems very convenient, How do you think?
Usually i like to collect some classic dvd movie disks so that i can watch again on my house dvd player when i am free.but recently i got an ipad 4 from amazon online store.I really watch dvd movie on my pad whenever i want.However,this seems not so easy. Please give me a hand and would be grateful.