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Recommended Blu-ray/DVD/CD burners? --

Being new to Blu-ray burning, what brands of Blu-ray/DVD/CD recorders for Mac do you recommend?

Thank you...

Blu-ray Creator for Mac? --
I have downloaded Blu-ray Creator for Mac and when I look at the User guide the interface that the software I downloaded is nothing like the one in the guide with far fewer options - am I missing something?
Hello everyone, I need a free and legal software to record my gameplay videos, any advice will be appreciated.
Burning BD video without conversion? --


I want to burn some camera mivies on Blu ray disc without any conversion.
The movies are already in mp4 format the size and quality i want.
Is it possible to burn it with Blu ray creeator without conversion ???

regards from germany
Michael Klump

downloader fails in trial version? --
downloaded imelfin for downloading youtube.  Second try to download failed and no files were shown in first dialog box for downloading.  Also plays as recording and I thought that there would be a fast track download speed available?
This Application Could be allot better? --

This is no way an iDVD alternative where

1. iDvd Allowed for Chapter recognized files and this one doesn't.
2. No Animated sequences menus
3. Buttons are ugly,when scaling the buttons look uneven when rounded.
4. the words/titles in the program are not middle centered.
5. More control over animating your menu content bringing your graphics very much needed.
6. I would pay up to $100 dollars if you get these features in.

As for now an incomplete ugly application.

I did a backup for ituns, but that didnt work. Perhaps I performed a wrong operation when reloading formats. Then all the backup music was gone. Can you tell me how to transfer songs on my iPod to iTunes and backup again?
Does imElfin blu-ray copy remove cinavia protection?
I tried out the iTune Clearer thinking it would be an awesome tool but it flags all songs that have the artwork from iTunes as missing - not exactly useful. Almost always, the artwork from iTunes is superior and just because it's not embedded within the audio file is it missing - it will strill transfer to Apple devices.
How to create and edit movie clips? --
I want to make some clips from different movies and make them as the source on my teaching classes, how to do this?