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move progrem? --

i need to move the program from a computer (old) to another new.

i have a illimitate licence, how can i do it?


HOW to do a screenshot? --
Impossible to do a screenshot
Thank you and regards
I keep getting the message "directory invalid" when I choose the PS3 game I am trying to copy onto a Blu Ray Disc.  Can you help?
How to create and edit movie clips? --
I want to make some clips from different movies and make them as the source on my teaching classes, how to do this?
I recently purchased a easycap to record my gameplay so I can put them on YouTube. Everytime I make the video and try putting it on YouTube it said " this video format is unsupported"
Why I needed Internet to make copy? --
Blue-ray Copy program request Internet connection to make copy
See above question.  What profram and what are the steps to load a dvd to my iPad Air
How can I convert the entire movie? --
I recently got this product and I love the idea of it. But, every time I try to convert a bought ITunes movie, it only converts the first five minutes of the movie. I have tried over a hundred times, dragging the file, clicking the file, EVERYTHING, and yet, it will still only come out converted with the first five minutes. This is very, very frustrating. How can I fix this? What am I doing wrong? How can I convert the entire movie? Please help!
where can I input my application code
Is Blu-Ray copy compatible with windows10?