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total media converter will not start? --
when i try to bring total media converter up, it hangs at the startup screen.
Which ebook DRM does ebook ultimate converter support? I have ebooks purchased from both google play and kobo?
Typed in Activation Code, but nothing happens.
Update?Total Media Converter for Win? --
I have now installed v. 7.7.0.
When starting it allways says new version available, but when I click "update" it´s only downloading always same version ( 7.7.0 )
Is there a free program to transfer files to iPod?
How to insert chapters in the movie? --
How can I insert the various chapters in the movie with Blu-ray Creator?
The YouTube home page displays as blank white and only with grey box outlines where full video preview frames should be visible ? There appears to be a thin banner of what the page should look like at the top of view frame, but over 95% of the frame is blank white, with grey box shapes on the left side of the screen.
This program works perfectly after it is installed, but then after every use it gives an error when you start it so you have to reinstall it for every use.  I am on Windows 10 64 bit.
Is there a free program to transfer files to iPod?
what is a good screen recorder? --
Which screen recorder software will you recommend? I want to record some news videos.