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Mac OS won't let me launch the app to update. I need to get an updater.
Hello everyone, I need a free and legal software to record my gameplay videos, any advice will be appreciated.
I can't upload video to YouTube? --
I have DIYed a home gallery slides but it won't upload to YouTube? What should I do?
can not play on some blu-ray players.? --
can not play on some blu-ray players.?
I recently purchased a easycap to record my gameplay so I can put them on YouTube. Everytime I make the video and try putting it on YouTube it said " this video format is unsupported"
The YouTube home page displays as blank white and only with grey box outlines where full video preview frames should be visible ? There appears to be a thin banner of what the page should look like at the top of view frame, but over 95% of the frame is blank white, with grey box shapes on the left side of the screen.
What does imElfin cost? --
What is the cost of imElfin after free download?

How do i start the download proces for youtube video's?

Does the program starts automatically?

Can i follow the progress?

Why I needed Internet to make copy? --
Blue-ray Copy program request Internet connection to make copy

I thought I was downloading the dvd converter and but the application says blu ray. Is this an update? I tried to follow the instructions that you provide for converting videos to a DVD disc on a MAC but they are entirely different. What am I doing wrong?

I have a movie captured on a phone and would like to put it on a disc.