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I can't upload video to YouTube? --
I have DIYed a home gallery slides but it won't upload to YouTube? What should I do?
The YouTube home page displays as blank white and only with grey box outlines where full video preview frames should be visible ? There appears to be a thin banner of what the page should look like at the top of view frame, but over 95% of the frame is blank white, with grey box shapes on the left side of the screen.
How can I convert the entire movie? --
I recently got this product and I love the idea of it. But, every time I try to convert a bought ITunes movie, it only converts the first five minutes of the movie. I have tried over a hundred times, dragging the file, clicking the file, EVERYTHING, and yet, it will still only come out converted with the first five minutes. This is very, very frustrating. How can I fix this? What am I doing wrong? How can I convert the entire movie? Please help!

Which is the best software to rip DVD video to avi?

I tried some programs, but they only rip the video but cannot convert or compress the video to AVI. What I want to do is directly convert DVD video to the compressed AVI format

Mac OS won't let me launch the app to update. I need to get an updater.

I thought I was downloading the dvd converter and but the application says blu ray. Is this an update? I tried to follow the instructions that you provide for converting videos to a DVD disc on a MAC but they are entirely different. What am I doing wrong?

I have a movie captured on a phone and would like to put it on a disc.

I have rebuilt my pc and had to do a complete reformat.
I paid for a Lifetime License but how do I re input my licence into my pc as I can't deregister it from the drive as it's no longer there.
is possible import my own pictures or video at menu. Thanks for your response

Dear Sir/Madam,

my files are store on a NAS system attached via LAN cable to my local network. The NAS systems runs on Linux, the backup machine runs on Windows 10. I would like to use the backup machine to run Bluray Creator for Windows. Now my question:

(1) Can I backup files stored on NAS?
(2) Can I select files with a certain date range, e.g. 2019-01-01 to 2019-12-31?
(3) Can I store the files selected using (1) and (2) on Bluray disc?

I am looking forward to your reply.

Best regards


Syncios free seems very convenient, How do you think?