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why is there commercials in my video? --
Toyota commercial in video
Blue Ray ripper module missing. -399? --
I went to renew and have the latest software wont read BlueRay.
Downloading ilpossible? --
I can't download the Audible Converter. The download URL you sent by mail seems dead. My e mail:
Will this app let me create decent audio files from dvds & blue-rays so I can load them in iTunes and have good quaility playback?
combining the resulting mp4"s ? --
Dear Support Team,
before i buy the full version:
After converting the video-ts and audio-s of a video DVD,
I do have a number of  mp4.s , how do I combine these in the correct order into one mp4 ?
Is there a free program to transfer files to iPod?
Nexus one VS iPhone on video player? --
If just focus on video player, Nexus one and iPhone, whp is the winner?
Why I needed Internet to make copy? --
Blue-ray Copy program request Internet connection to make copy

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What is happening? --
I need to reinstall everytime I close program. Now when I go to add video the program is closing and I am getting nothing done?