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I play multiple instruments and i would like to make a cover video of me playing all of the instruments, in one video. I've seen a lot of other videos where its done,but i'm not sure how to do it in windows live movie maker or if it is even possible in windows live movie maker. I think it can be done but I just have no idea how. Please give specific instructions on how or a different program where i can do that.
I've downloaded some videos in mpeg format, can I watch them on iPad?
How to download youtube videos onto my mac easily, and for free?
I want to  buy the Zune 80 GB Video MP3 Player. Is there any website for selling this  player at cheaper price?
i am cannot decide between 720 and 1080. i sit at a desk watching my movies on the pc and my screen is on another desk directly in front of me connected to 5.1 surround speakers. It's a 24" screen.
With the 720 and 1080 p video make any difference on my display?
to register the program and to start the converter you have to input the license email? the license email is a normal email and if I copy this email, the programm answers "wrong format". What should I do?
Is iTunes compatible with Dell DJ? --
Is iTunes compatible with Dell DJ?
I know youtube converts your uploaded video after it's uploaded.
I'm trying to copy the same quality a video has on a computer onto the uploaded version; hopefully you can follow what I'm tryin' to say.
How do you like YouTube? --
How do you like YouTube?
How to attach video to email? --
I would like to attached videos to my email but the videos are unable to be downloaded completely.