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Why is the estimated file size is over four times the source?  Source MP4 is 730 MB, but the estimated once imported is close to 4 GB.
Need to know how to convert SWF to MP4 for watching on iPhone.
How to rip off a movie from DVD? --
So I am wondering if there is a way to leave movies from a DVD onto your computer. So when I take out the disc, the movie doesnt disappear as well.
Can I extract the audio from a video? --
I have a recorded video that the audio is out of sinc, and I would like to extract the audio then put it back on the video with the correct timing. (I know I'm not using technical terms, I know how to put the audio back on, I just need help extracting it.)
Fixed layout? --
Does the software convert to fixed layout KF8?
I want to copy my LEGALLY PURCHASED 3D BD movies to my home network hard drives (movies, tv, etc.) to playback with PowerDVD 15 ultra for example. I want MOVIE ONLY (3D), no loss of resolution, readily played by the player (could be another you may recommend instead).
Please email me at I will download the trial, anyway. Thanks...
Why are video games are more addictive than movies, television, music, ebooks, etc.?
Video Converter for Win: Panda.dll? --

Panda.dll has been detected by my anti-virus program to be a dangerous trojaner.

Trojan: Win32/Wacatac.B!ml

An attacker executes instructions through this dll.
Please inform me how to execute video converter without this dll or another solution.

Thank you.

I need a simple to use all in one dvd copying program that will rip, decode, shrink ,decrypt, whatever. Free would be great but I don't mind paying if I have to.
How to remove drm from itunes? --
just purchased a movie,  i can't play it on my iMovie.
iTunes said the media is protected by DRM.
How can i do?