The question and title, allow user add!

The email with the license information just disappeared did the payment go through or not is there a problem I AM NOT AWARE of or is this a mistake.
Hi, is the Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac fully functional with OS X El Capitan (10.11.6)? Thanks, Karel
Is iTunes compatible with Dell DJ? --
Is iTunes compatible with Dell DJ?
About making a YouTube video? --
I want to make a "best albums of 2013 " video with albums covers and my my audio talking about the video for uploading to YouTube. I can handle the subtitles part, but have no idea about how to add the album covers and audio to the video.
Converting web videos to GIF? --
How to convert a web video like Youtube video to GIF?
I want to find some YouTube downloader that can convert video so that I can play them on my iPoad touch. DO you guys have any suggestion?
Need to know how to convert SWF to MP4 for watching on iPhone.

I want a free program to make a video of photos, video clips, and title screens with background music? I also want transition effects and zooming features. Any ideas? I just want to find out a really functional freeware!! Thank you very much!!!!!!

Note: Don't recommend Windows Movie Player, I have used it and don't like it...

Subtitles for Blu-Ray Creator? --

Is any possibility for editing the subtitles (font, color, size etc?) I am not happy with the actual appearance.

Thank you very much!

to register the program and to start the converter you have to input the license email? the license email is a normal email and if I copy this email, the programm answers "wrong format". What should I do?