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My ass itchin', and I'm talking like *funny n1gga music plays*
Imelfin won't load? --
When I click on the program to run it, it initially brings up the the start-up screen, which then disappears. Task Manager shows that the program has not been loaded. I try to run the program repeatedly, but it will not load. I am using Windows 10.
Downloading ilpossible? --
I can't download the Audible Converter. The download URL you sent by mail seems dead. My e mail:
Does imElfin blu-ray copy remove cinavia protection?
trial software? --
what are the restriction when trying the trial software
The YouTube page in download mode does not display.. there are only a few grey squares / shapes on screen. It also appears a new version of the downloader is available to download however when I click on download, a dialogue box appears stating the web address / link could not be found