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Big Sur Supported/? --
Does you software support Big Sur 11.3.1 and up?
How to transfer adh audio files to mp3? --

my email is

When I try to enter my adh file from Amazon audio, I get the message that it does not support AA/AAX files and they need to be added.  I tried this with no luck.  What is the correct procedure to make the conversion from adh to mp3?

trial limitation? --
is the trial version limited to only ten minutes of recording?
Can vlc run off a thumbdrive? --
Can VLC media player be installed on to a thumbdrive and used from the thumbdrive to play videos?
My ass itchin', and I'm talking like *funny n1gga music plays*
Downloading ilpossible? --
I can't download the Audible Converter. The download URL you sent by mail seems dead. My e mail:
how to quit ? --
how to quit ?
wie kündige ich ein probe-Abo ?