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DRM Related? --
Mujhe ek video download krni but wo drm protected hone ki wajah se download nhi ho pa rhi h.
Iska DRM Kese Temove Kre ya Video kese download kre
I would like to be able to save a Blu-ray/DVD creator project so that I don't need to start from scratch if I forgot to do something i.e. add chapter marker. There seems no way to do this in the package
How to transfer adh audio files to mp3? --

my email is

When I try to enter my adh file from Amazon audio, I get the message that it does not support AA/AAX files and they need to be added.  I tried this with no luck.  What is the correct procedure to make the conversion from adh to mp3?

cannot convert amazon audible files to mp3 to put on my player
Issue with a kindle ebook? --

Hello, I am trying to change format of my kindle ebook but I am not succeeding. I've downloaded the Kindle app onto my pc and one of it's folders where the e-book is contain 6 files. The 2 files which I thought I could use to do the converstion ends with .azw and the other with But when I try to convert the file . azw I keep getting an error message. Whilst the other doesn't work at all. Can you help me please? I would like to convert it to a epub format. Thank you.

trial limitation? --
is the trial version limited to only ten minutes of recording?
4k (UHD) discs? --
Does the Bluray Copy program recognize 4k (UHD) disks?
When I run the Blue Ray copy program the interface is in such a small font it can't be read.