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how to deactivate Blu-ray creator? --
I only have one license for Blu-ray creator and need to transfer software from my old machine to a new computer,  I need to deactivate it on my old machine but don't seems to be able to? can someone please help?
When I run the Blue Ray copy program the interface is in such a small font it can't be read.
cannot convert amazon audible files to mp3 to put on my player
Music Videos? --
I have a lot of Music Video DVD's and Blu-ray's, can I convert the movie into many clips, for me to pick the songs I like. Not just one whole movie file for editing?
Can Audible Converter split audible into chapter?
DRM Related? --
Mujhe ek video download krni but wo drm protected hone ki wajah se download nhi ho pa rhi h.
Iska DRM Kese Temove Kre ya Video kese download kre
subtitles? --
The subtitles were not captured in the sample test rip of a blu ray. I added the subtitle file in playback but the text was badly out of sync with the film. How can I rip the blu ray and subtitles together?
Imelfin won't load? --
When I click on the program to run it, it initially brings up the the start-up screen, which then disappears. Task Manager shows that the program has not been loaded. I try to run the program repeatedly, but it will not load. I am using Windows 10.
how to quit ? --
how to quit ?
wie kündige ich ein probe-Abo ?
I would like to be able to save a Blu-ray/DVD creator project so that I don't need to start from scratch if I forgot to do something i.e. add chapter marker. There seems no way to do this in the package