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cannot convert amazon audible files to mp3 to put on my player
Music Videos? --
I have a lot of Music Video DVD's and Blu-ray's, can I convert the movie into many clips, for me to pick the songs I like. Not just one whole movie file for editing?
subtitles? --
The subtitles were not captured in the sample test rip of a blu ray. I added the subtitle file in playback but the text was badly out of sync with the film. How can I rip the blu ray and subtitles together?
Activation bound to 3 machines? --
I bought this software installed it on my main pc.  Then I installed it on my downstairs pc.  I only own 2 machines with blu ray players.  My main PC had to be rebuilt with a new motherboard, so I activated it back on that same one again.  But windows was messed up in updates, and I reformatted today and it won't activate to the same pc.  Is there some way to deactivate them if you have to reformat windows or rebuild your PC.  Because I am only using 2 activations.
What is 123Movies? --
A well-known streaming website is 123Movies which is currently active on the internet. You can get free access to your preferred movies and television shows online. Since there are several websites that let you watch material, many people continue to worry "is 123Movies safe?”. Yes, 123Movies is entirely safe.
The most recent version of Nuance's voice recognition software is Dragon Professional Individual 15. With the help of this robust tool, you may operate your computer, applications, and dictation entirely with your voice. You can customize Nuance Dragon Professional Individual 15 in a variety of ways to get the most out of it. The most recent version of the programme has deep learning capabilities that enable it to recognise and adjust to various accents, dialects, and speech patterns.
i want to port youtube video to my ds
4k (UHD) discs? --
Does the Bluray Copy program recognize 4k (UHD) disks?
Side Effects Of Minoxidil? --

The majority of the side effects of minoxidil are minimal. Common adverse effects of minoxidil include flaky skin, mild burning, and minor itching. Additionally, taking minoxidil may cause hair loss, especially in the beginning. But minoxidil also delays the growth stage of the hair. That suggests that even if temporary hair loss is common, new hair should eventually grow in to replace the lost hair.

License Reactivation Request? --
Hi, I am your customer who purchased a license for imelfin total media converter , (Blu-ray Ripper for Windows (Life time)7E52D18442585358FDFDC494), for 3 computers. I need to reinstall the program on new computers and I would like to ask you the courtesy to reset the license to allow me to reinstall the software. Thank you for your interest. Vincenzo Liguori,