Kindle Converter for Mac

Best Kindle Converter for Mac, Support MacOS Catalina 10.15

Note: We're sorry to tell you that Amazon has further upgraded Kindle Cloud Reader in August 2020 for security reasons, which has finally made it impossible to download books from Kindle Cloud Reader. As a result, Epubor KCR Converter can’t help you convert the Kindle books from now on.

Remove DRM from Kindle on Mac

Remove DRM from Kindle on Mac

Decrypt kindle cloud reader books on Mac.


Best Kindle DRM Removal for Mac

Remove DRM from Kindle cloud reader ebooks on Mac computer. No need to install kindle for mac or even downgrade kindle for Mac.

100% Original Quality Preserved

It will only strip the DRM from kindle cloud reader books and not change the formatting or quality of the original books.

Best Kindle Converter for Mac

Best Kindle Converter for Mac

Convert eBooks to ePub, PDF, Mobi on Mac.

Convert Kindle Books to Multiple Formats

It will help you convert kindle cloud reader books to DRM-free pdf, epub, azw3, or mobi format with only 1-click.

Read Kindle Books on Any Device or Reading App.

You can transfer your converted kindle books to the most popular eReaders, mobile devices or reading apps for better organizing or reading.

Auto Detect Books

Auto Detect Books

Display the downloaded kindle books automatically.

Detect Download Kindle Cloud Reader Books

Your downloaded kindle cloud reader books will be detected and displayed at the main interface of Kindle Converter for Mac.

Download Kindle Cloud Reader on Google Chrome Browser

Please log in kindle cloud reader on Google chrome browser because it is the ONLY browser that supported by Kindle Converter for Mac.

Where are Kindle Cloud Reader Books Stored on Mac?

The location of kindle cloud reader books on Mac is here: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/databases/

Sort & Search Books

Sort & Search Books

Search and sort eBooks from local library.

Search by Book Title

Provide an advanced search function. Type the book title or some words from it in the searching box to find any book quickly.

Sort Books by Date or Book Title.

In your local library you can sort your books by date or book title. Show you different layout so that you can recognize them right away.

Batch Conversion

Batch Conversion

Batch conversion with friendly interface.

Neat and User-friendly Interface

This program is logically designed and is intuitive to use which can bring you much convenience.

30X Fast Converting Speed

With the unique conversion core, it converts kindle books to any formats in high speed.

Batch Conversion

It enables you to convert Kindle cloud reader books to any format in bulk.

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