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Mac with intel chip

Mac with M1/M2 chip

Install and run the soft

To begin, download and install imElfin Kindle Android Converter, and it will present you with the main interface.

mac kindle android converter interface

Download imElfin Kindle Android Converter

download imelfin Kindle Android converter Windows download imelfin Kindle Android Converter for mac

For first-time users, a registration window will appear. If you opt for the free trial version, you may close the registration window and proceed. However, if you have already purchased a license, enter your license email and license code and click on "Register" to activate the full version and access all features. It's worth noting that the trial version has a convert limit of three books.

NOTE: Unidentified developer notification--how to fix

  1. Go to System Preferences and select Security & Privacy.
  2. On the General tab, click "Open Anyway." Then follow the instructions on your computer screenshot to finish the installation.
  3. Mac install kindle android converter

Mac with intel chip

Step 1: Download and install Android Simulator--Genymotion

Download an install Genymotion here>>

Launch it, and you'll be requested to create an account. Just create an accout for personal use. It is free. Please choose "Gaming" as the "Usage type".

create an account

Then follow the intructions in Genymotion, choose "Personal use" and tick to agree its agreement to finish the installation set up the Genymotion.

Step 2: Install Android on Genymotion

It comes to choose the Android device, please click on "+" button to add the new virtual Android device, choose 'Samsung Galaxy S3', and the choose "9.0.0" as the Android version.

install adroid device on genymotion

Then follow the intructions on the Genymotion to finish the installation. Once finished, please click the "Play" button to launch the Android simulator on your Mac.

Step 3: Install Kindle App on Android Simulator

Please ensure you install Kindle for Android 4.16.

Download Kindle for Android 4.16 here

You can downloa and drag this Kindle apk to Android simulator to install it. But usually, you need to install a tool to help you do so.

Please download an install Genymotion-ARM-Translation tool first.And then drag this tool to Android simulator to install it. Once installed successfully, please click on "Restart now" to restart the Android simulator.

install tranlation tool

Then drag kindle for android 4.16 apk to Android simulator. This time, your kindle apk will be installed successfully.

Step 4: Download Kindle Books

launch Kindle App on your Android simulator, and login to it. Click the book cover to download your kindle books.

download kindle books

Step 5: Convert Kindle Books to epub/pdf/azw3/mobi/docx

Now launch Kindle Android Converter for Mac, then click "Refresh" button to load your kindle books. If your kindle books don't appear, please restart your Kindle Android Converter and Android simulator, then load the kindle books again.

Then drag the kindle books to right panel and then click on "Convert to epub" or choose other output formats, to covert your kindle books to drm free file. To find the converted files, click on "Open" button to open the output folder.

Mac with M1/M2 chip

If you are using Mac with m1 or m2 chip, please follow the steps below to remove kindle drm with Kindle Converter.

Step 1: Download Google Android studio

Download and install Google android studio.

download google android studio

Follow the on-screen instructions to install t he Google Android studio on your Mac.

Step 2: Create android emulator on Google Android studio

Select "Virtual Device Manager" from the drop down menu of "More Actions".

create android device

Choose the hardware, and click next. You can choose any hardware.

choose hardware android device

Choose the image for this android device and download it. Please choose Other Images>>Scroll down to find the image with the parameters as below:

Release name--Marshmallow,

API Level --23,


Target--Android 6.0.

download android image

Important Notice: Please choose the exactly the same images as we recommended, otherwise you cannot install your kindle apk on it.

It will take a few seconds to download this image.

download image for android

Once finished, click "Next" and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation.

install image successfully

Now you can click the "Play" button to start this Android emulator.

For the first time user, it will take a while to start it. Please wait patiently.

Step 3: Install Kindle apk on Android emulator

Download Kindle for Android 4.16 here

Then drag this apk to Android Emulator. It will take a few minutes. Please wait patiently this time.

install kindle apk

Once finished, the kindle processing bar will disappear. And you can just click the "Go to all apps button" to find your Kindle app.

find all installed kindle app

Step 4: Download Kindle books to Android emulator

Now you can login to your Kindle for Android with your Amazon account and download kindle books.

download kindle books

Then click the book cover to download it.

sign in kindle

Step 5: Remove Kindle drm with Kindle Android Converter for Mac

download imelfin Kindle Android converter Windows download imelfin Kindle Android Converter for mac

Launch Kindle Android Converter for Mac, click "Refresh" button to load your download kindle books. And then drag the books from left to right side. Finally, choose your target format and then click on "Convert to xxx" to start the conversion. Just a few second, you'll get your kindle books decrypted and converted.

remove-drm-and convert

NOTE: please note the kindle books published in 2023 also can be downloaded and decrypted in this way.

convert kindle to epub pdf azw3

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