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DVD+RW vs DVD-RW? --
The difference between a DVD+RW and a DVD-RW disc?
I don't have internet access on my laptop, i can download the installer for Freemake Video Converter from another pc but i need to have internet access on my laptop to install it. Is there another way of installing it on my laptop since i don't have internet access. Your prompt response will be much appreciated, need to do this in the next 2 hours. Thanks in advance.
Can I copy photos from my computer onto a DVD-R disk?
How do I rip BD+? --

I m  registered user.
Yesterday I bought "12 Years a Slave" on BluRay.  When I loaded it, a popup comes up saying that it's a BD+.  When I tried to rip it, the video is distorted.

Any suggestions?  

What happened to my google video? --
Google purchased Youtube and videos from Google Video have been merged into YouTube collection.
Is there a program to download youtube video and directly convert to iPod?
Where can I download free music for my ipod. I know what most of you are going to saw limewire but my mom doesn’t want that on the computer so any ideas?
how to play live streaming of cricket matches from website like on my nokia Lumia 1520?
i downloaded it but its requesting for registration code
DVD and Bluray Automatic RIP? --

I Own about 3000 dvds and 400 blurays, I would like to store it on a NAS as MKV files using the Bluray's or DVD's names. Cna I expect to select a profile for BDs and another for DVDs and have a automatic rip each time I put a disc in the player?