Two Ways to Play Encrypted Blu-Ray on Mac (Solved)

VLC player doesn't support encrypted Blu-Ray discs movies. The free Mac Blu-Ray player with VLC plugin or Blu-Ray encryption remover can break it out.


Play Encrypted Blu-Ray on Mac

Are there some good free Blu-ray software? For mac users, Apple doesn't allow them to play bluray movies on mac without Blu-ray playback software built in. Moreover, its hard drive can't read bluray discs. VLC is only natural choice for many people because of free and multiple platform support (Win/Mac). For window users, maybe it's easy to find freeware blu ray player. Potplayer and KMPlayer (Only for Window) all can play Blu-ray discs for free.

However, if you want to play blu rays on mac with VLC directly, this method is not always effective. Why? VLC player doesn't support blu ray discs which are protected from BD+ (AACS, Region Code, etc). For encrypted bluray discs, you have to download and install two files: VLC encrypted Blu-Ray keys database and AACS dynamic library. The simple instruction will show you how to fix this problem.

Thank for free VLC player which helps us to play encrypted bluray discs as ABC. Because of these two files (keys database and AACS dynamic library) was updated to 20-04-2012. So I can't promise that it enables us to play all the lastest Blu-ray discs.

So some of us turn to purchase commercial Blu-ray player software which support the lastest encrypted bluray discs. In the fact, some are unable to tolerate their disc is locked in hard dirve. Don't mention that they bother with a specific Blu-ray player. Imelfin Blu-ray ripper can strip all types of DRM from Blu-ray discs and DVD discs. So you can stream them to Apple TV, portable devices (iPad, iPhone, etc) and protect Blu-ray discs from scratching. Then you can play the ripped files with any video player. Is that a good suggestion, isn't it?

No matter what method do you adopt, only two methods to play bluray on mac will be introduced in detail.


To play bluray movies on your mac, a Blu-Ray hard drive should be needed. Apple superdrive doesn't support Blu-ray discs but only DVD discs. There are several third party bluray players such as Sony, Sumsung, LG. You can purchase a Blu-Ray hard drive from Amazon online. Make sure the USB of your drive should be above 2.0. Now connect Blu-Ray hard drive with your mac via USB. Finally insert Blu-ray disc into the drive.

mac blu ray drive

Method 1: play encrypted Blu-ray discs for free on mac

VLC is a free mac blu ray player which plays plenty of video and audio files on Mac like Blu-Ray discs, BDMV folders, IOS files, etcs. To make sure that VLC player is works for many encrypted blu-rays, download and put the third-party keys database and AACS dynamic library to the specified folder. If VLC player still can't play bluray movies, try to decrypt Blu-Ray with Blu-Ray Decrypter at first.

Method 2: VLC plugin alternative to play Blu-Ray movies

The method 1 is not always works for protected Blu-ray discs. So the VLC plugin alternative (Imelfin Blu-Ray ripper) and VLC player is the best solution to satisfy your all preference. The Imelfin Blu-Ray Ripper always keeps updating decrypt technology so as to remove Blu-Ray&DVD commercial AACS copy protections, BD+, etc. Here is a step-by-step guide which teaches you how to use VLC plugin alternative-Imelfin blu ray encryption remover.

MP4 is a digital multimedia format which is widely used to store video/audio/subtitles/images. A lot of devices are all support mp4 format. So you can set mp4 as the output format. If you want to back up Blu-Ray discs, you can rip Blu-ray to iSO files. In the future, you can play Blu-Ray iOS files without any external hard drive.

Download and install Imelfin Blu-Ray Ripper as follows:

Download Video Converter for Win Download Video Converter for Mac

Easy way to remove Blu-Ray protection and then play Blu-Ray discs

Load your Blu-Ray disc into Blu-Ray external hard drive. Once run the VLC plugin alternative-Imelfin Blu-Ray ripper, then click Blu-Ray icon to import the Blu-Ray disc folders. Just set .mp4 as the output format and press convert button to rip Blu-Ray so as to play the ripped video with VLC player easily. Of course, you can choose other third party video player such as KMplayer, Real Player, DAPlayer, etc.

decrypt and play encrypted blu ray disc

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