How Burn WMV to DVD & Blu-Ray

Easily create own DVD discs from WMV media even DRM files by using DVD authoring tool and play converted WMV on home DVD player smoothly.

Burn WMV to DVD & Blu-Ray

What is WMV file? It's a compressed video format developed by Microsoft and incompatible with Mac default media player QuickTime. Therefore we can't play WMV files directly. On the other hand, WMV videos are often wrapped with Windows Media DRM. In other words, if your computer or portable devices such as Mac/iPad are not authorized, WMV videos almost can't be open in any devices. DVD authoring tool also called Imelfin Blu-Ray Maker enables us to decrypt WMV DRM as easy as ABC and at the same time converts DRM WMV to DVD.

Misunderstanding about playing WMV on DVD player

1) First of all, DVD player won't open and play WMV files straightway.

2) For Windows users, some free WMV to DVD freeware can easily create DVD from WMV files. But the deadly weakness is not to crack DRM from WMV media files. Sometimes, these DVD discs that free WMV burner create can't play on some regular DVD players.

3) For Mac users, QuickTime doesn't support WMV files. In some cases, some users just copy WMV files to a DVD disc and wish your home DVD player to open and play it. It must be entirely wrong.

In order to burn WMV to play on DVD player successfully, you should choose the right WMV converter. Secondly, before you make DVD from WMV files, we should know what format does your DVD player support and play.

2 ways to convert WMV to DVD online

Zamzar is free online video converter. Just click "Choose Files..." button and choose video files from local computer. Or easily drag media files to yellow areas. Then choose the DVD format as your output format and input your email address to receive converted files. At last click "Convert" button to finish converting WMV files to DVD player format.

Pros: There is no requirement to install any program on your desktop. And it supports various types of media format.

Cons: It doesn't support DRM WMV files. And it can't deal with up to 100 MB WMV media files. Moreover, you need to access converted DVD files by email. The speed of video conversion depends on Internet connection speed and other services.

Free WMV to DVD Converter online also converts any video including WMV files on website or on the local computer to DVD instantly. The procedure of video converter is same as

Free WMV to DVD Converter online

Pros: You drag WMV files from desktop to webpage directly. And you can handle multiple files at the same. It's worth mentioning that you can customize the DVD format.

Cons: For free users, it just supports the maximum document up to 50 MB. It also can't deal with DRM WMV media files.

Solid WMV to DVD & Blu-Ray Burner

Imelfin Blu-Ray Creator is professional Blu-Ray & DVD authoring tool. It's designed to optimize for WMV media files. For window users, the Blu-Ray Creator not only can cope with DRM WMV files which are purchased from Amazon instant video or Window Media Center, but also crack Apple Fairplay DRM so as to convert iTunes movies to DVD. For Mac users, the Blu-Ray Creator for Mac doesn't support DRM media files. Imelfin studio doesn't overcome technical difficulties temporarily. By the way, Imelfin support free updates and upgrade for all license users.

As we know, the standalone Blu-Ray player is not compatible with WMV files playback. Imelfin Blu-Ray Burner not only can burn DRM WMV to DVD on window (only), but also convert WMV to Blu-Ray disc without watermark.

Download Imelfin Blu-Ray Creator for free as follows:

Blu-ray Creator for Win Blu-ray Creator for Mac

Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8; Mac (32-bit or 64-bit) 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion & 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Step 1: Add WMV files

Before you add WMV files to the Imelfin Blu-Ray Creator on Mac, make sure that you have downloaded and installed it. Load a blank DVD disc into your mac computer rewritable DVD-ROM, if you are ready to burn WMV to DVD discs. Launch the Blu-Ray Creator for Mac and batch import more than one file (.WMV) as you want.

Import WMV media files

If there are no subtitles in WMV files, you can create, edit and modify subtitles with free software on Mac. Then import subtitles into WMV videos before you burn them. By the way, you are able to rearrange the video order as you would like to burn.

Step 2: Edit WMV Videos (Optional)

Click "Edit" icon and it will pop up a window to display "Original Preview" and "Output Preview". So it's very convenient for us to trim, crop, add one watermark, adjust the effect to the best display. More powerful personalization features are worth you of trying and exploring it. Just turn on the 3D option and convert 2D WMV files to 3D DVD discs.

wmv to dvd editor

Step 3: Choose DVD disks menu (Optional)

Press "Menu Designer" icon on the right panel to define your custom DVD menu. Choose themes, background, the play button, etc which you like. After all settings are all right, press "ok" to save up your menu settings.

 Customize DVD&Blu-ray disks menu

Step 4: Burn WMV to DVD

Once you click "Burn to DVD & Blu-Ray" button, and it will prompt you to further set DVD burning. Choose to burn WMV videos to DVD folder and input your loved volume label. Set the output path as you want to save. If you live in the USA or Canada or Japan, please select NTSC option. And PAL is regularly used in Asia and Europe. Are you ready? Click "Burn Now" button to finish burning WMV to DVD on mac.

WMV Burner to DVD

After it creates DVD disc with your own subtitles, you can play converted WMV on a DVD player or share them with your family and friends. You have a sense of accomplishment after making homemade DVD discs, don't you? Hurry up to make it by yourself! Download Imelfin Blu-Ray Creator for free now.

Blu-ray Creator for Win Blu-ray Creator for Mac

How Burn WMV to DVD & Blu-Ray