Free Limited M4V DRM Converter You Should Know

3 distinct types of M4V DRM Converter will be introduced to legally convert iTunes DRM M4V movies to no-apple devices for playback.

Free M4V DRM Removal

Are you looking for M4V DRM Removal software? This post introduces 3 different types of DRM M4V converter which copy videos/movies from iTunes library to unprotected media legally. Sometimes I have plenty of m4v media files from iTunes and would like to share them with my friends. And they can play them on their Android tablet. To convert DRM protected M4V files to play on any devices, I try to collect 3 kinds of allowable and effective software.

What is M4V DRM?

Apple develops M4V file format which is a video container format. Mostly M4V files are protected from Apple's FairPlay DRM copy protection. To play a drm m4v file, you must authorize your computer with iTunes account which has been used to buy the movies. For Windows users, iTunes, QuickTime, Window Media Player, RealPlayer, VLC player, etc can open and play .M4V files. But if you transfer protected these M4V files to non-Apple devices such as Nexus 7, BlackBerry Z10, Samsung, you need to M4V DRM Converter to transcode them and record the videos to your destination formats.

Video Ultimate for Win

Tips: As Apple upgrades iTunes version, at the present the Mac version doesn't support removing iTunes DRM.

1. Zamzar DRM M4V Converter

Have you ever wanted to convert any video files without downloading any video converter? Of course, Zamzar is the best choice. Can Zamzar cope with protected M4V files which are developed by Apple? As the Zamzar describes, The M4V file contains audio and video. In certain conditions where Apple's DRM isn't applied to the file, it is possible to play m4v file on unauthorized computer by modifying the file extension from  .m4v to .mp4. I'm not sure whether Zamzar can decrypt drm from all m4v files.

Zamzar DRM M4V Converter

2. DRM video recorder alternative to Video DRM Removal

In fact, I don't agree with this method. It will be tedious and super hard to record the entire movies. Moreover, this method does not guarantee the quality of the recorded movie as same as the original movie. Here are top 6 video recorders which can capture M4V movies without no watermarks and no "Buy Now" button. Any Video Recorder is like video converter which decrypt drm protection and capture iTunes purchased DRM movies or protected iTunes rental as easy as ABC. So you can play them back on any portable devices.

iTunes M4V Recorder

3. Shareware Imelfin Video Ultimate Converter (available for window only)

Imelfin Video Ultimate Converter is not only DRM M4V movies killer, but also convert any protected DVD collections to regular video format as you prefer. More surprise benefits from this program are the fact that it can burn DRM protected M4V/WMV... movies to DVD collections. So you can access any DRM movies and play them on Android tablet.

As I understand the converting process of this program, it makes use of analog loophole rather than stripping drm encryption from the original files directly. So it legally gets unprotected video files with ease. Let's cheer for this powerful tool.

The regrettable thing is that the software manufacturer only offers DRM M4V Converter for Window. Look forward to the program Mac editon will be released. Download DRM M4V Video Converter for Window free:

Video Ultimate for Win

Maybe you will doubt whether the quality of the output videos files is good. The ideal tool takes advantage of advanced encoding technology to keep audio and video from sync issues. This well designed program is easy to use. Therefore, Imelfin video ultimate converter is faster and nice choice.

DRM M4V video Converter

Note: Of course, if you can not afford this program sold at $39.99, maybe the Blu-ray Creator for Window is best M4V DRM Removal alternative.

The bottom line

For Mac users, maybe you will meet more DRM video converting problem. Why? Mostly Mac M4V DRM Converter doesn't support protected M4V files and can't remove DRM from m4v files totally. Maybe DRM video converter is a good DRM M4V converter alternative, isn't it? For Window users, Imelfin Video Converter 100% removes DRM from iTunes M4V movies.

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Free Limited M4V DRM Converter You Should Know