Add ID3 Tags to MP3 Files Automatically

Are you tired of the duplicates mp3 songs with the missing ID3 tags? Don't worry. The ID3 tags Editor can help us to finish all tasks easily.

When thousands of mp3 files which are lack of ID3 tag information display in your music library, it must be terrible. Generally speaking, the mp3 songs should have intact and correct songs. Because of free disparate download sources, some mp3 don't have artist, album artwork. What's worse, there is no any ID3 tag information in mp3 files.

Why shall we add ID3 tags information to mp3 files? The intact ID3 tags embedded music is easy to manage in the music library. This capacity is particularly useful for media files, such as podcasts. With the help of ID3 tag info from music, the third party program including iTunes accurately enables us to remove duplicates songs. If there is no ID3 tag info, we can only judge what a song it is according to the file name. Even if you have known what songs you are listening, but what about artist/album name? It is taken for granted that we should label mp3 files.

What is ID3 tag? In fact, An ID3 tag is a metadata container which keeps information about an MP3 file in store. It includes relevant information about the name of the artist, track title, album, release year, track number, genre and even lyrics.

How to add id3 tags to mp3 files automatically? ImElfin Tunes Cleaner is not only mp3 id3 tag editor but also iTunes duplicates remover. How does the mp3 tag editor identify all incomplete songs and fix all missing ID3 tags automatically? No need to waste time. Download this program and follow detailed steps below.

Tunes Cleaner for MacimElfin Tunes Cleaner for win

How add and edit id3 tags to mp3?

Step 1: Scan mp3 files

Once you install and launch this program, you can tap "Open Music Files" button to scan mp3 songs in your disk folders and locate all mp3 songs with the missing ID3 tag info. If you only want to fix mp3 songs from iTunes library, it will be much easier and only needs to click "Start to clean iTunes".

best id3 tag editor

Step 2: Identify ID3 tag for mp3 files automatically

Once it finishes scanning the whole music library, it will show all incomplete songs on the program. The songs without ID3 tags are divided into many types: Songs without Album Artwork, Songs without artist, Songs without album, etc.

Switch to different types and select unidentified songs as you need to add ID3 tags or follow the default option, then press "Fix All" Button.

The ID3 tag fixer will detect all the missing mp3 tags from the online database and internet and add ID3 tag to mp3 files. It will take your some minutes. Notably, the length of the repair process partly depends on the number of songs with missing ID3 tags.

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Step 3: Edit ID3 tags as you prefer

Let's check out the outcome of the ID3 tags repair. Most mp3 songs are fixed successfully. Only 2 songs can't be recognized. Even if the program fails to add ID3 tags for mp3 files, you can edit ID3 tags as you like.

fix mp3 with missing ID3 tags

Switch to "Unrecognized Songs" option and choose one song. It will show "edit" icon. Just tap Edit icon and input ID3 tag such as Name/Year/Artist/Genre by Google Search.

edit music ID3 tags as you like

Tunes Cleaner for MacimElfin Tunes Cleaner for win

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