How to Remove DRM from Kindle on Windows in 2023

Here you will discover the easiest way to remove kindle drm on Windows computer no matter your kindle books downloaded via kindle for pc or via usb.

It is not an easy job to remove drm from kindle books since the kindle app upgrading automatically. If you are still having a working windows computer, then you still can remove kindle on it. In this article, I will share the easiest way to remove kindle drm on Windows with eBook Ultimate for Win.

If you are on Mac computer, please read this guide>> How to Remove Kindle DRM Mac.

Method 1. How to remove drm from kindle books downloaded via Kindle for PC?

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Step 1. Get your tools ready

download imelfin Ultimate Windows download imelfin Ultimate for mac

Download and install imElfin eBook Ultimate for Windows on your computer at first.

Step 2. Install Kindle for PC on your computer.

Since 2023/9/10, imElfin eBook Ultimate works for the latest kindle for PC/Mac and remove drm from 2023 kindle books.

Download kindle for PC latest version here

Download and install kindle for pc on your windows computer. Then download kindle books to your computer.

Step 3. Download kindle books via kindle for PC latest version.

Now you can download kindle books via kindle for pc version 2.0 or later version.

download kindle books

Step 4. Remove drm from kindle book on PC

Once your kindle books have been downloaded successfully, they will be displayed in the left side of imElfin eBook Ultimate under the "Kindle" tab. Now just drag them to the right column, the kindle drm is cracked.

remove kindle drm windows

If you have kindle device, like kindle paperwhite, old kindle keyboard, kindle Oasis or Kindle Fire, it is also easy for you to remove kindle drm on Windows computer. The following part will teach you how to remove kindle drm if you have kindle eink device.

Method 2. How to remove kindle drm from book downloaded via "Download and transfer via usb"?


1. please ensure you have kindle device registered with your amazon account, regardless of kindle eink device or kindle fire.
2. this method works for the Kindle ebooks published later than Jan. 3rd 2023.
3. if you don't have any kindle device, please use the Kindle Android Converter to handle the kindle books published in 2023.

Step 1. Download Kindle books via "Download and transfer via usb".

Go to "Manage Your Content and Devices" on your Under "Content" tab, you'll see the full list of your purchased ebooks.

manage kindle content and device

Then click "More actions" and then choose "Download and transfer via usb" to download your kindle books.

download and transfer via usb

In the pop-up window, choose the kindle device to deliver this book to, and then click "Download" button.

choose kindle eink device

Wait a few seconds, your kindle books will be downloaded successfully.


Step 2. Find kindle serial number

Go to "Device" tab under "Manage Your Content and Devices". Then find your Amazon kindle device, click your device title to go to the kindle details. Then you'll find your kindle serial number. Just copy it.

find kindle serial number


Step 3. Fill in the kindle serial number to imElfin eBook Ultimate.

download imelfin Ultimate Windows download imelfin Ultimate for mac

Then Launch imeflin eBook Ultimate. Click the user icon at the top right corner>>Setting>Kindle>>then fill in your kindle serial number and click on "Ok" button.

find kindle serial number

Note: If you have your kindle device at your hand, you can just plug it to your computer and the imelfin ebook ultimate will detect and load your kindle serial number automatically. This will save your steps on finding and filling the kindle serial number.

Step 4. Remove kindle drm with iemlfin ebook Ultimate

Just drag the kindle ebook downloaded to your PC to the right column of eBook Ultimate, and the drm will be removed.

remove kindle drm

This method also works if you are on Mac computer.

download imelfin Ultimate Windows download imelfin Ultimate for mac

Method 3. Another way to remove drm from kindle books published in 2023

Updated: This is an alternative method when the eBook Ultimate doesn't update to support the 2023 kindle books. If you've already have eBook Ultiamte, there is no need to use this method.

If you don't have a Kindle device but encounter difficulties removing DRM from Kindle books published in 2023, we recommend using the imElifin Kindle Android Converter. This converter leverages the Android simulator and utilizes an older version of the Kindle for Android APK to download Kindle books and subsequently remove DRM.

 convert kindle to epub on windows

Here's a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Download and install an Android emulator for Windows.

Step 2: Root the Android emulator and install Kindle for Android.

Step 3: Download Kindle books within the Android emulator.

Step 4: Use the Kindle Android emulator to remove DRM from the downloaded Kindle books.

Please refer to the comprehensive user guide provided with the Kindle Android Converter for detailed instructions on removing DRM from Kindle books.

Download Kindle Android Converter

download imelfin Ultimate Windows download imelfin Ultimate for mac

remove kindle drm