5 Effective Ways to Convert Kindle Books to EPUB in 2023

Here, we're happy to share some useful methods to convert Kindle books to EPUB with you and help you read Kindle books on other e-readers.

Many eBooks are in EPUB format, which is the most popular format supported by majority of e-readers on the market today, but Kindle is the exception. Can I convert my Kindle books to EPUB so that I can read them on other e-readers? It’s not too difficult to do that. I'll share some effective methods here for you.

Kindle format VS EPUB | Which is the better format for eBooks?

As a global leading bookseller, the Amazon Kindle store allows you access to a massive of eBooks. However, Amazon has its’ own ecosystem, Kindle books are always in AZW, AZW3, KFX, or Mobi format. Because of Kindle format restrictions, they cannot be recognized by most e-readers. So you’re not able to read Kindle books on other devices like Kobo, Nook, and so on. Unless you can convert it to a compatible format that is widely used, for example, EPUB format.

EPUB is the standard format for digital publication, specially designed for eBooks. You can read an EPUB document on a computer, smartphone, tablet, and many e-readers. There are many benefits to using EPUB files for your eBooks.

5 methods to convert Kindle books to EPUB format

After you successfully download the Kindle books, is it possible to convert them directly to EPUB? Obviously, it is not as easy as you imagine. Most Kindle books are protected by DRM, even if you can download them, it doesn’t mean that you can read and handle them at will. Here are different methods, that allow you to convert the downloaded Kindle books to EPUB, whether they are DRM-free or protected with Kindle DRM.

Convert DRM-free Kindle books to EPUB

Method 1: Online Kindle to EPUB Converter Tool

An online Kindle to EPUB converter is always a good choice for many people who want to convert their Kindle books to EPUB format. Here we recommend you Convertio. Just go to the Convertio website, and choose the Kindle books without DRM protection you want to convert to EPUB. Then click on "Convert" to convert your Kindle books to EPUB format.

online convertio converter

Method 2: Use Calibre to convert Kindle books to EPUB

Calibre is a very useful free eBooks management software with many features, that allows you to convert your eBooks into different formats, including EPUB. Before you start the conversion, we suggest that you can install V1.17 Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac to download your Kindle books to your computer.

Step 1: Simply download and install the latest version of Calibre on your computer.

Step 2: Run Calibre, and click “Add books” on the top navigation to import the Kindle book you downloaded.

calibre add books

Step 3: Select the book and click “Convert books”, then the Calibre will turn the Kindle book to EPUB format.

calibre convert books button

For DRM-protected Books - Remove DRM and convert Kindle to EPUB

Method 3: Use Calibre DeDRM plugins to convert Kindle to EPUB

In this way, you are not able to open and convert a Kindle book that has DRM protection. If you want to convert this Kindle book to EPUB, please download and install the DeDRM plugin to Calibre, then drag and drop the downloaded book files to Calibre again to remove DRM from the book and convert it to EPUB format.

Step 1: Launch Calibre software on your computer.

Step 2: Go to "Preferences" - "Plugins" - "Load plugin from file". After successful DeDRM plugin installation, restart this software to ensure it would take effect.

calibre plugins feature

upload dedrm plugins file

Step 3: Then just upload the Kindle book, the DRM will be automatically removed, and now you can convert Kindle to EPUB format.

calibre select epub to convert

Method 4: Convert Kindle to EPUB via imElfin Ultimate

However, the Calibre DeDRM plugin does not work for all Kindle DRM books. Is there an alternative, better solution to convert Kindle to EPUB? Yes, of course. imElfin Ultimate is a great tool to achieve your goal. This software is both compatible with Windows and Mac. The instruction below is about how to use it on Windows. If you are a Mac user, the operation is a little bit different, here you can find detailed steps on how to remove Kindle DRM on Mac.

Download imElfin Ultimate for FREE

download imelfin wattpad downloader download imelfin Wattpad downloader for mac

Step 1: Download and install imElfin Ultimate on your computer. Then launch the imElfin Ultimate software and your Kindle desktop application to download the books, please keep imElfin Ultimate running when you download the books. Then just wait for a while, your downloaded Kindle books will show under the Kindle tab on the left area.

Important Tips: We recommend you install V1.32 Kindle for PC and V1.31 Kindle for Mac so that you can easily and successfully remove DRM from Kindle books.

kindle for pc download-book

Step 2: Drag and drop the Kindle books to the right area, and it will automatically remove the DRM from your Kindle books.

imelfin kindle decrypted

Step 3: Click the button below to convert your books to EPUB. After the conversion is completed, the status will become "Succeeded", just click the blue folder on the right-bottom to find the decrypted Kindle book in EPUB format.

imelfin convert to epub

Notes: Recently, you may find that your Kindle for PC/Mac is forced to update to the latest version, otherwise, you're not able to download the newly published Kindle books in 2023.

kindle new update

However, the imElfin Ultimate can not work with the latest version of the Kindle app for PC/Mac, so how to deal with newly published Kindle books? If you still want to use imElfin Ultimate and you also have a Kindle device registered with your Amazon account, please download the Kindle books via "Download & transfer via USB".Then your Kindle books will be downloaded to your computer as .azw3 files, and you can use imElfin Ultimate to decrypt and convert the Kindle books downloaded via USB. Please don't forget to input the Kindle Serial Number to imElfin Ultimate, here is a guide about how to remove Kindle DRM from book downloaded via "Download & transfer via USB".

Method 5: Convert Kindle to EPUB via imElfin Kindle Android Converter

If you don't have Kindle device, but still want to decrypt and convert 2023 Kindle books to EPUB, why not try our newly released software imElfin Kindle Android Converter?

It is quite a different software from ImElfin Ultimate. You need to install the Android emulator and Kindle for Android to download the books, then run the Kindle Converter software, which will detect your downloaded books and help you remove the latest Kindle DRM and convert them to EPUB.

imelfin kindle android converter

Tips: You can easily use this software to remove Kindle DRM from the latest books in 2023 and convert Kindle to EPUB on Windows. Of course, it is also compatible with Mac. But the supported Android emulator and the specific operations are a little bit different. If you're a Mac user, please read the detailed user guide about how to remove Kindle DRM in 2023 on Mac.

Download imElfin Kindle Android Converter

download imelfin wattpad downloader download imelfin Wattpad downloader for mac


Converting Kindle to EPUB will never be difficult with the methods we share with you! For people who own Kindle books but prefer eBooks in EPUB format, imElfin Ultimate and imElfin Kindle Android Converter are the most ideal tools. There are no worries about backing up a large number of Kindle books and reading them at anytime!

5 Effective Ways to Convert Kindle Books to EPUB in 2023