Sites to Download Free Music for iPhone 5s, 5c

This post covers 5 sites to download free music for iPhone 5s and 5c easily, legally, fast and without registration.

Sites to download free music for iPhone 5s, 5c

How do you like listening to music on your newly got iPhone 5s or 5c? It is probably an enjoyable routine. In addition to purchasing songs (or restricting to handful free music from iTunes), what are the best sites to download free music for iPhone? Here are 5 sites to download free musci for iPhone 5s and 5c easily and legally, and you don't have to register or log in. Purchased songs from iTunes are in AAC format.

Apart from AAC ALAC (Apple Lossless), iPhone 5s and 5c also support music in the following formats: MP3 (bit-rates 8 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR (Variable Bitrate), AA, AAX, WAV and AIFF. I personally recommend you to download music in MP3 if possible.



MP3SKULL is a very popular and intuitive site to download free music for your iPhone 5s or 5c. In addition to copyright-free music, you are also able to find a good number of modern pop songs by singers like Avril or Taylor Swift here. Most songs are in common quality (128/192 kbps) while some titles are free offered in 320kbps (HQ).

When clicking the "Download" button, you will find the songs not downloaded but played on your browser. Don't worry. Right-click the "Download" button and choose "Save Link as...", you will be able to have the MP3 songs downloaded.

Enter mp3skull is a user-friendly site to download free music for your iPhone 5s, 5c or iPod. By taking advantage of the left-hand directory, you can easily find blues, classical, country or music of any other style. While mp3skull is known as sufficient modern songs collection, pop music provided by is rather restricted. Mostly, you will be led to Amazon to purchase the music at last.

Enter -



Jamendo is not only a site to find and download free and legal music for your iPhone 5s, 5c, but also a platform to meet new music and artists. Contrary to normal legal-music-downlwoad sites focusing on old tracks, you are likely to find unpopular yet sounding songs (English or non-English) here. There are around 26000 items displayed at Jamendo at present, but not all of them are free. Most free tracks come in 192kbps.

Enter Jamendo -


Archive audio is a well-known non-profit freebie feed covering websites, video, eBooks (including audio books), music, etc. The Audio archive has collected over 1,700,000 free items ranging from music and audio books to concert recordings and broadcasts with 1,137 free songs and more than 100,000 concert recordings included. By heading to the audio category, you can easily find and download a song to your iPhone 5s or 5c. Music is provided in VBR MP3 and OGG format.

Enter Archive -

FMA - FreeMusicArchive

FMA - FreeMusicArchive

FMA is a free music download site similar to While Archive provides digital content in different forms, FMA deals with music exclusively and is more simple to handle. Heading to "BY GENRE" or "LIST OF ARTISTS", you will find the music you want in a short time. By now, there are 1044 items free offered by FMA. Likewise, music downloaded from FMA is also in MP3 format.

Enter FMA -

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Transfer downloaded music to iPhone 5s and 5c

Generally, you can directly go to above sites and download the songs (MP3) free on your iPhone 5s and 5c (or iPod, iPad). If the music is first downloaded to your computer and you are not familiar with iTunes-iPhone 5s transfer, try imElfin iTransfer below to transfer music to iPhone more easily.

imElfin itransfer for Mac imElfin itransfer for Win

Sites to Download Free Music for iPhone 5s, 5c