iMovie for PC, Best Movie Maker on Windows

Want the best and easy to use video maker software like iMovie on windows PC? Here are the best iMove alternatives for PC.

iMovie is a video maker/editor app on Mac OS X, it attracts millions of Mac users with its super powerful capabilites and short learning curves. Many Mac users have created gorgeous videos with this app including kids and olds. Therefore many Windows PC users also want a program like iMovie, but as per Apple's tradition, they rarely released a Windows version for its killer app, of course including iMovie. That's a big pity that Windows users can't enjoy such a great video maker/editor app.

Windows also integrate a native video maker program called "Windows Movie Maker", but it is difficult to find some good reviews about it. In fact, I just keep hearing people saying how it sucks. Here I recommend some windows program similar to iMovie most, some features of them are even superior than iMovie.

1. Sony Vegas Pro

This program is the most recomended video editing software on Windows platform, it is pretty easy to use. Once you start it up, a tutorial will be with you until you get customed with how to use it. And the features are pretty amazing and professional. It can change aspect ratios, display keyframing, offer multiple boards/sequences, not to mention the Audio Transitions and Transformation Effects. Notice: all the feature I list above are monoplized by Sony Vegas.

sony vegas pro

Obviously Sony Vegas Pro is facing to the prosumers and professional users, the pro version costs $599. Compared to iMovie's $15, please consider carefully if you need this program indeed.

If you only need some part of features of Sony Vegas Pro, you can choose the basic version - Movie Studio Platinum, which costs $80.

However, there are many options in Sony Vegas family, you can check them out on this page:

2. Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is video editing software that provides you almost all the necessary features. If you want to edit videos but your computer can't handle a high-end program, this software is definitely a good choice for you. Another reason I list it as iMovie for PC alternative is it also provides an iOS app for iPad. But in this post we just focus on the windows program.

pinnacle studio

Pinnacle Studio comes with more than 1,500 transitions templates, effects and other material. It also provides three audio tracks where you can place audio files, that's enough for audio editing needs. In addition, the price of this program is also acceptable, with $60 you can get the standard version, the ultimate version costs $130, which is far more cheaper than Sony Vegas Pro.

In summary, with Pinnacle Studio you can do all of the basics you need to create hollywood like home movies. Although it doesn't have all of the coolest and killer level features that some other movie editing software has, I am also impressed by what it has.

Visit official site:

3. Total Media Converter

Total Media Converter is an almigthy video converting/editing/burning software, it's another paragon of combining professional feature and easy-to-use together. This program has 5 main features: Video Conversion, DVD/Blu-Ray Disc Ripping, Video Edit, Video Download and Video Burning.

imovie for pc

With Total Media Converter, you can convert movies (HD), TV shows, videos, music with good quality, rip and convert your Blu-Ray and DVD media easier than ever, play video/audio anywhere, convert 2D videos to 3D easily while offer several 3D modes, download online media for playing anywhere, convert YouTube to MP4, MP3, and more, and, it can even burn your video to DVD/Blu-Ray disc. With all these features, you can solve most of your needs related to DVD/Blu-Ray videos in one-stop.

To be honest, this program is week on the professional video editing features, but if you are just seek for a program for normally home using, that's enough for you. All these feature are contained in just one program, you can get it with $99.

Here is the download link, 30 days free trial period is available.


Above are the best iMovie for PC alternatives, if you have other recommendations about the windows softwares similar with iMovie, please leave a comment. I will add them into this post as a supplement.

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