How to Fix Scratched Blu-Ray Discs

There are some free helpful methods to repair scratched Blu-Ray for playback again and then make them more scratch resistant by backing up Blu-Ray collections.

The data layer on a Blu-ray disc is much closer to the surface of the disc compared to a HD DVD or DVD. So there is a "Hard coat" process offers peace of mind for users by protecting important video data from scratches and fingerprint contamination. Although Blu-ray discs are relatively resistant to damage, they are also able to get scratched just like any other discs. Because of an inappropriate preservation or frequent use, it inevitably has scratches, dust, etc which do harm to your treasured Blu-ray disc collections. If there are plenty of scratched Blu-ray and DVD discs, please check whether your BD drive/player result in the problems or not.

clean and fix blu-ray collections

The effective way to replace scratched Blu-ray discs is much expensive than it's to purchase a CD or DVD collections. So you'll need to judge whether it has irreparable damage. And then repair the discs by using regular household items because of disks with small surface scratches.

I will show you some helpful ways to clean and fix scratched Blu-ray collections for playback again. Note: If disks with deep scratches which are not able to mended, you'd better take them to a Blu-ray repair shop rather than fix it by yourself. What are the deep scratches? Many scratches that are circular around the laser track and as deep as 7%~8% it can actually penetrate the data layer.

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Tips before repair Blu-ray discs

Before you take actions to eliminate your scratched Blu-ray discs, there are some rules you should obey so that you can avoid doing a greater harm.

1) Keep your hands clean and dry before you start to cope with those discs.

2) The best way to clean and rub outward from the center of disc in a straight line.

3) Slot-loading drives are more difficult to read a damaged or scratched Blu-ray discs than Tray-loading drives.

4) Make sure that you store all Blu-ray collections on spools and deal with them by the inner ring to protect the data from damage.

5) To repair discs is not to damage them again. So take care to reduce many small scratches by rubbing the disc. Put the lessen hassle of repairs in the first place.

Effective ways to fix a scratched Blu-ray disc

Fix scratched Blu-ray discs using toothpaste

A clean, soft and lint-free cloth should be needed. Then we apply a small amount of toothpaste which does not contain particles or gels. Then gently rub it over the scratched Blu-ray disc. Wipe it outwards from the center of the disc until free of toothpaste and don't rub in circular motions.

Then clean the Blu-ray disc thoroughly with cold water, and make sure that you remove all of the toothpaste. Dry the scratched Blu-ray disc with another extra soft and dry cloth. Okay, try to test the disc for playback.

fix scratched blu-ray discs using toothpaste

Fix scratched Blu-ray discs using banana

Can banana help us to repair scratched Blu-ray? Are you kidding me? No, it would be a very cheap cost-effective solution. Firstly, apply a freshly cut banana to the disk and wipe the surface of the Blu-Ray disc with the banana peel (the inside). Then polish and further clean the disk with the wax from the peel. Finally take a clean cotton cloth to wipe the entire surface of the Blu-ray disc. Clean the Blu-ray disc with water, polish it with a dry soft cloth and leave it dry.

fix scratched Blu-Ray using banana

Fix scratched Blu-ray discs using Car Wax

Car Wax can protect our Blu-ray discs from scratching further in the future. We can apply turtle car wax in liquid form onto a soft and clean cloth. And then buff it in an in-to-out motion. Clean the surface of the complete disc by using the soft cloth and wash it under cold water. Make sure that you thoroughly remove any excess wax dust. Keep it dry for a few hours and test the repaired Blu-ray disc in your Blu-ray driver again.

fix scratched Blu-ray using car wax

Fix scratched Blu-ray discs using SkipDr

This SkipDr can not only repair scratched Blu-ray discs, but also enables to fix scratched PS3 / PS4 discs. It fixes scratches that lead a Blu-ray or PS3 discs to skip, freeze, distort or not to play. The motorized repair process can smooth the surface scratches of Blu-ray discs to renew the disc's protective layer, but don't affect the data layer of Blu-ray discs. Get the digital Blu-ray repair kit from Amazon here.

scratched blu-ray repair kit

Best way to protect and preserve Blu-ray disc

Because the Blu-ray discs are easy to damage because of some scratches, fragile and easily broken. Why not convert your favorite Blu-ray discs to digital videos? In fact, there are two solutions to protect Blu-ray discs from scratches. Solution 1: Blu-ray copy allows us to decrypt any protected Blu-ray and back up them to my computer in perfect 1:1 ratio. Solution 2: VUDU offers us Disc-to-Digital conversion. And it will cost us $2 per Blu-ray disc to high definition with Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound.

By comparing the price and the functions of removing the Blu-ray protection restrictions, I think you will make a good decision by yourself. From a long-term perspective, Blu-ray copy is more cost-effective for your own many commercial Blu-ray discs.

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