How to Download YouTube Videos free with KEEPVID

Many sites enable people to free download YouTube videos online. This post shows how to download YouTube videos free with

download YouTube free and enjoy lifeWe have introduced top 6 sites to download YouTube videos free online in a previous guide. Compared to extracting MP3 music from YouTube, downloading YouTube videos appears to be a cumbersome and time-consuming job in terms of file size. In regards to cost and content, nevertheless, YouTube videos come in various genres with few restrictions (including considerable adult clips) and that users don't have to pay for it. In this tutorial, I will specially show you how to download YouTube videos free with KEEPVID step by step . is a safe and legal site enabling people to free download YouTube videos to computer. As YouTube videos are based on Flash Video Format (FLV), the downloading process requires the installation of Java TM, which is also the case when downloading/converting YouTube to MP3 free with SNIPMP3. Pop-up Java related windows normally associate users with marware, but it is de facto indispensable and safe when downloading videos at In addition to YouTube, we can also utilize KEEPVID to free download videos from VEVO, Yahoo! Video, metacafe, and the like.

How to download YouTube Videos free with KEEPVID

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Copy & paste the YouTube video URL you want to download to KEEPVID.

copy YouTube URL

Step 3: Click "Download" button next to the input field to download the YouTube video free to your Mac or PC.

download YouTube videos free online with KEEPVID

Once the download button is clicked, you are probably prompted that "Jave(TM) was blocked because it is out of date" in an orange window.

JAVA installation on KEEPVID

In this case, click "Update plug- in..." to enter Java download webpage, then click "Free Jave Download" and "Agree to start Free Download", double-click the downloaded file and install. If you are not sure about how to deal with Java (TM) installation safely, please refer to the "Note that" part under "Step 2" on this page.


#1 Input the video link from another online video site and click download as well, if you want to free download videos from VEVO, metacafe or any other one.

#2 Never click the two notable download buttons in the light grey "Advertisement" box (under the input box). They are ads.

Step 4: Once the Java installation is over, close & restart your browser and re-download.

Go to KEEPVID again, input the video URL and click "Download". This time, you will find a window saying "Java(TM) needs your permission to run". Here I click "Run this time". You can also choose "Always run on this site" if you download YouTube videos online a lot.

Java running on KEEPVID

It will take some time to load Java Applet. During this process, there may be a security warning asking for your permission as below. Check the accept box and click "Run".

Security warning on KEEPVID

The Java Applet loading will be finished at once. Choose a video format and click to download YouTube videos in 3GP, FLV, MP4 or WEBM to your Mac/PC. is associated with converting YouTube into MP3 and for video subtitles.

I recommend you to download YouTube to MP4 as MP4 is the most widely supported (PC, Mac and most smart devices running Android or iOS) video format. 720p is suitable for displays of higher resolution than 720*1280, which can be played on common computers and some high-definition tablets like iPad (excluding iPad Mini) and Nexus 7. Here I download MP4 480 P.

KEEPVID download YouTube videos formats

The download will start immediately and you will find the download process in the download area. You can choose the download video format as per your output device and Internet connection.

downloaded YouTube MP4 video from KEEPVID

Want A KEEPVID alternative?

If you don't won't to install any risking plug-ins and prefer a KEEPVID alternative (program instead of an online YouTube ripper) to download YouTube videos easily, fast and safe, imElfin YouTube downloader will be a good option.

Download and free try imElfin YouTube Downloader below:

imElfin YouTube Downloader for Mac imElfin YouTube Downloader for Win


How to Download YouTube Videos free with KEEPVID