How to convert YouTube videos to iTunes

Once we convert YouTube videos to iTunes, we can easily enjoy YouTube videos on iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and iPhone offline (on the go).

As the largest free & open video sharing platform, YouTube offers a great collection of videos to the public. As long it is Internet connected, people will be able to enjoy videos, songs, MVs of different types from YouTube. But what should we do if we want to play YouTube videos on the iPad, iPad Mini, iPod or iPhone when there is no internet connection, such as when we are on our commute or trip? Is there a way to convert YouTube videos to iTunes for playing offline?

Of course, the answer is "Yes". In this guide, I will show you how to convert YouTube videos to iTunes in two parts. Part 1 covers the whole process from ripping YouTube videos to transferring ripped/converted videos to iTunes. Part 2 is for users who have YouTube videos downloaded, only need to convert the downloaded YouTube videos to iTunes compatible formats.

Part 1: Download and convert YouTube videos to iTunes

In this part, we will use imElfin YouTube Downloader to convert YouTube videos to iTunes on Mac, which combines YouTube video download and format conversion at the same time. You can follow this guide to convert YouTube to iTunes videos on PC as well.

imElfinYouTube Downloader for Mac download

imElfin YouTube Downloader for PC download

Step 1: Locate YouTube videos

Free-try and run imElfin YouTube Downloader. Click "Add" to import YouTube videos either by copying and pasting video URL or dragging and dropping video thumbnail. You can choose to download a single video or multiple YouTube videos at a time.

Add YouTube videos to imElfin YouTube Downloader

Step 2: Set output destination

Click "Save to" field to set the output path for the downloaded YouTube Videos. Choose a path that is easy to organize and access.

Choose output path for converted iTunes videos

Step 3: Convert YouTube Videos

Click "Save as" and set the target format (from the drop-down menu) as MP4. The "Setting" button located on the right enables you to set the advanced parameters of the selected output format.

Convert YouTube videos to iTunes with imElfin YouTube Downloader

Step 4: Transfer converted videos to iTunes.

Launch iTunes, move to videos category and drag & drop to add the converted YouTube files. Connect your iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch or iPhone to Mac with the USB cable and sync the videos.


When inputting an audio YouTube address and setting the output format as common audio formats, such as MP3, you will be able to convert the YouTube songs to iTunes.

Part 2: Convert downloaded YouTube videos to iTunes

Downloaded YouTube files normally come in FLV, which is not supported by iTunes or iOS player by default. In this case, you can rely on YouTube to iTunes video converter to convert the YouTube video files to iTunes supported MP4. Follow the guides below to convert YouTube videos to iTunes videos.

imElfin Video Converter for PC user guide

imElfin Video Converter for Mac user guide


How to convert YouTube videos to iTunes