Audible AAX to MP3 Windows: How to Convert admhelper to MP3

What is admhlper? admhelper.adh is the download link for audible files. To convert admhelper to MP3,you download adh to aax file, then convert aax to mp3.

What is admhelper.adh? The file "admhelper.adh", also called Audible Download Helper, is the download link for your Audible files. No matter what .adh file is, to download the audible files to your computer, you will need the assistance of Audible Download Manager. In the following part, I will show you how to download audible .adh and convert .adh to MP3 files step-by-step.

Important notice:

1. You can get .adh file only on Windows computer. If you are on Mac, there is no .adh file.

2. You cannot convert .adh to MP3 file because it is just the download link without real content.

Step 1. Download Audible .adh to Your Computer

1. Login to your with your Audible account on browser.

2. Go to Library and find the book you want to download. Click on "Download" button.

download audible to adh

3. Then you'll download admhelper.adh file to your computer.

download adh file to your computer

Step 2. Convert Audible admhelper to AAX Format

After download the .adh file to your computer. It's time to convert adh to mp3.

1. Download&install Audible Download Manager.

audible download manager

2. Go to "Options">>"Acticate PC" to activate your PC.

activate pc

3. In the prompted audible activation window, fill in your Audible account information to sign in.

audible activation

4. A pop-up message will show that you have activated your PC successfully.

audible activation

5. Add your download .adh file to Audible Download Manager. It will download audible file to your computer.

download adh to aax

6. Once finished, click "Donwload folder" to find your downloaded files.

convert adh to aax

FAQ 1. Where are audible books store on PC(downloaded via audible download manager)?

The file path for audible books downloaded via Audible Download Manager is: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Audible\Downloads.

Step 3. Convert .adh to MP3.

Since your downloaded audible aax files are encrypted with audible drm and cannot be converted to MP3 with normal converters. Imelfin Audible Converter is highly recommended here. It is the best audible converter which can strip audible drm and convert audible books to DRM-free mp3 files.

1. Download and install imElfin Audible Converter.

download Audible Converter Windows download imelfin audible converter for mac

2. Launch imElfin Audible Converter and add audible files to it.

add audible aax to audible converter

3. (Optinal) You can just skip this step if you are not going to split audible into chapters. Click the 'Eidit' icon and select "Split by Chapters" >>"Apply to all"">>"OK".

split audible into chapters

4. Select "MP3" as the output format and then click on "Convert to MP3" to start the conversion.

select output format

5. Once finished, the folder holding the converted files will pop up automatically.

convert adh to mp3

Now you have converted your audible .adh to mp3 format. To be mentioned, the trial version of Imelfin Audible Converter only converts 10 minutes of each books. Also, splitting audible into chapters is only available in the licensed version. It is the most effective and easy-to-use audible converter forever. With it, converting .adh/aax to mp3 is just a piece of cake. Just try it now!

download Audible Converter Windows download imelfin audible converter for mac

How to Convert adh to MP3