How to Burn Vob to DVD on Mac

Vob is the file type of DVD-video media, and it's also the best option for burning a DVD. Here is the method to burn a .vob file to DVD.

How to Burn Vob to DVD on Mac

As we know, video files on dvd are put in a folder called VIDEO_TS, and they have the format of .vob. If you want to backup DVD, then you must copy the vob files. Maybe oneday you will find that your hard drive is starting to fill up, and you notice there are a whole lot of .vob movies taking up the space, what are you going to do next? Converting VOB to DVD is a good choice for you. With Imelfin DVD Creator programs for Mac and Windows, converting VOB to DVD is easier than ever. You only need to add those VOB movies to the program, and you're ready to burn DVD from VOB files. The created DVD can be played on any home DVD player and any computer.Then I will show you how to burn Vob to DVD on Mac with Imelfin DVD Creator.

Step 1: Add videos and photos

Launch Imelfin Video Creator, click the Add Files button to import all VOB files you want to burn to DVD disc into the program, or just load them from the iMovie, iPhone, iTunes, etc. on the right Media Bower. All loaded files will be shown in thumbnail in the file list. You can merge, split or rearrange them by dragging and dropping the thumbnail freely according to your preferences.

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Step 2: Complete Burning Settings task

Click on the huge "Burn to DVD" tab to turn to the "Burning Setting" panel, where you can set the specific details regarding burning stuffs.In this step, you can choose to burn video to ISO File or DVD Folder, choose to input your own volume label, choose the destination for you to save the output file, and select the suitable TV Standard and video size.


Step 3: Start burning

When everything is ready, click "Burn" to choose the output file format and location. After all things have done, press "Start" and it will start burning DVDs for you.


How to Play VOB on Mac

To open a VOB file on Mac, your computer would need to have the corresponding codec that is compatible with VOB format. Don't know what that is? Just use the all-in-one media player - VLC media player. If you use Imelfin DVD Creator for Mac to burn VOB to DVD, you can also save DVD files to .dvdmedia file so that you can play with the default DVD player on Mac. Just have a try now.

How to Burn Vob to DVD on Mac