Convert acsm to PDF Free and Remove pdf DRM

Have you ever downloaded .acsm file after purchasing ebooks online? Do you know what is .acsm file? How to convert .acsm to pdf?

Have you ever downloaded .acsm file after purchasing ebooks online? Do you know what is .acsm file? How to convert .acsm to pdf? Here is more information about .ascm file. Keep reading.

Part 1 What is an acsm file?

An acsm file is an Adobe Content Server Message file which is used by Adobe Digital Editions to download Adobe DRM protected content. In fact, the ACSM can be seen as the link to connect Adobe's servers.

In general, we get an acsm file when we try to download a library book, or Google play book. But the acsm file is not limited to these two cases. It has been adopted by many ebook vendors for distributing their books.

Here I don’t want to discuss much about how acsm works, but only want to show you how to turn an acsm file to PDF free.

Part 2 How to convert acsm to pdf free

Since the ACSM file is tied with Adobe Digital Editions, to convert acsm to pdf, you will need to install Adobe Digital Editions at first.

Step 1. Install Adobe Digital Editions.

Step 2. Authorize Adobe Digital Editions with your adobe ID(Create one if you still don’t have one).

authorize adobe id

Use Help > Authorize Computer to connect your book vendor to your Adobe Digital Editions.

authorize adobe id

Step 3. Drag and drop the acsm file to the main interface of Adobe Digital Editions. This book will be downloaded to pdf or epub automatically.

download acsm content

When you get the completed book in pdf or EPUB format, you can only open them with Adobe Digital Editions, but not any other eReader or Reading app due to the adobe DRM.That’s why I want to explain how to remove drm from acsm pdf or epub.

Where are adobe digital editions books stored?

On Windows: C:\Users\User Name\Documents\My Digital Editions

On Mac: \Users\username\Documents\Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions Error

E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED "--Unable to download, License Server Communication Problem"

This message could happen if the .ACSM file has expired. For some security reasons, the .ACSM file has an expiration time before its first fulfillment. If you have purchased this book, re-download the .acsm file again and then open it with adobe digital editions immediately. If this book is borrowed from the library, you may need to borrow it again.

Part 3 How to remove drm from pdf

To remove drm from adobe pdf or epub, imElfin Ultimate is highly recommended. imElfin Ultimate is the best and efficient software for removing drm from adobe pdf, epub, kindle, kobo and google play books.

      Key features of imElfin Ultimate
      ♥ Remove drm from adobe, kobo, kindle, google play
      ♥ Convert ebooks to pdf, epub, kindle azw3 and mobi
      ♥ Auto scan and display downloaded ebooks or plugged eReader
      ♥ Support batch conversion and decrypting
      ♥ Modify metadata, including title, author, publisher and cover
      ♥ Support both windows and Mac system

Step 1. Launch imelfin Ultimate(Download and install it at first)

ebook ultimate for windows ebook ultimate for mac

Step 2. Click “Adobe” tab to display all your download acsm file(pdf or epub). And then drag them to the right column, Adobe DRM will be stripped automatically.

remove drm from acsm

Step 3. “Decrypted” will appear once the decrypting process is done. It should be super fast like within a few seconds. Just click the “Decrypted” to pop up the folder storing your drm-free pdf(epub) files.

drm-free pdf/epub

Now you have converted your acsm to drm-free pdf or epub.

Convert acsm to PDF Free and Remove pdf DRM