How to Play Blu-ray on Wii-U and Wii

Play Blu-ray movies is not natively supported by both Wii and Wii-U, but we can do it by converting the movie to AVI/MOV format.

Days ago we post a guide about how to play DVD on Wii, many people have already managed to play their DVD movies on the Nintendo Wii with the help of the guide. However, we also received many feedbacks asking if it is also possible to play the Blu-ray movies on Wii or its successor Wii-U.

We know that there are two elements which decide if a blu-ray movie disc can be played: the hardware (blu-ray drive) and software (app to play blu-ray disc). Let's check these two factors of Wii and Wii-U at first.

Play Blu-ray on Wii

The method to play Blu-ray on Wii is exactly same as play DVD on Wii, so please follow the Play DVD on Wii by ripping the video off part in another post.

And pay attention to the converted file size. If the video is converted from Blu-ray disc, the file is always pretty large. But the Wii has a poor support for a video larger than 2 GB. Therefore, when you rip & convert a Blu-ray movie to AVI/MOV video, please lower down the quality to control the file size.

Play Blu-ray movie on Wii-U

This is gonna be the part in details as it is totally different with playing DVD movies. With the Wii-U, we cannot save a video file in the SD Card then play it on the device, instead, we need to stream the video file to Wii-U and play it.

Install Blu-ray Ripper software

By reading the parapraphs above, we can have a clear goal: Rip the movie from Blu-ray disc and convert it to MP4 format. All these jobs can be handled with just one program: ImElfin Blu-ray Ripper. Click the buttons below you can get the latest installation build, both PC and Mac users can try it for free.

download video converter ultimate ultimate for windows download video converter ultimate for mac

Rip the movie and convert to MP4

Insert a Blu-ray movie disc into your computer and launch the Blu-ray Ripper software, you will see all the chapters contained in the disc are displayed in the software. You can choose the chapters which you want to rip and convert.

play blu-ray movie on wii-u

After the chapters are chosen, then set the output video format. Click the pop-out menu besides "Profile" and choose "MP4-MPEG-4 Video(*.mp4)", which is the only accepted video format by Wii-U.

rip blu-ray to wii-u video format

The last step is clicking the round blue button in the lower right corner to start the process, the software will rip and convert the video simultaneously.

Stream the converted MP4 video from computer to Wii-U

This is the most important part and it would be a little geeky, some steps would be difficult to express with texts, so I searched a video for you.

The theory is not complex, you need to turn your computer to a local server, and use your Wii-U's web browser to stream the video from your computer. However, it still might be a challenge for people not that familiar with computer skills. Therefore, I searched some other guide posts about how to stream MP4 to Wii-U for you, hope these can be helpful.

09/22/2014 10:53:04
or you can just plug the pc to the tv instead
12/15/2014 12:32:16
This is about converting videos on PC and using Wii for streaming - not playing Blurays with Wii as the title indicates. Could you please change it so this won't popup in Google searches.
04/1/2015 09:50:41
Agreed, please change title.
History lesson: the ability to play discs is held back because of license fee owned by 'another company'.
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Hi there! Thanks for the article. Just want to inform all folks who live outside US that Nintendo Wii U is a great media Player. If you want to access Netflix and other streaming stations on your Nintendo Wii U you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.
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misleading title, shame on you
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Title is terrible.
A Blu-ray is the name of the HARDWARE that you physically put into a Blu-ray player.

You are talking about HD video, ie. SOFTWARE. You don't actually put anything Blu-ray anywhere near the Wii here, your 'solution' doesn't allow the playing of Blu-ray on the Wii at all. Only HD video.

Yes, it is different. You're calling a carrot a fruit.

11/6/2015 01:11:41

This is an article about how to convert blu-ray to other formats.

If you guys search a Blu-ray Player software, better download Mac Blu-ray Player, which is the best Blu-ray Player software I am aware of.

01/20/2016 05:40:25
Or, you can just suck it up and use an actual Blu-Ray player. For all the time you'll spend ripping every Blu-Ray you want to watch, you could be watching them already... on a Blu-Ray player.
05/22/2016 07:29:27
Actually, Blu-ray is a code name for the storage format. It just encapsulates the comprehensive concept in to an easy to accept code name for most idiots.
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How to Play Blu-ray on Wii-U and Wii