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Ok. I make movie reviews for youtube. My videos take forever to upload. On Internet Explorer it took 9 and a half hours to upload a 25min video. I switched to Google Chrome, it's better but it still takes 2 and a half hours. Should I encode in AVI or MPEG or what? What's the fastest type of file for uploading stuff? Help me out.
I was told to install an app called VLC media player to my Kindle Fire, but I have no clue about it? Can some body tell me what it is and how to install it?
Which is the better, webm or mp4? --
Which is the better, webm or mp4?
I want to download some free music. What are some sites for free music download?
I uploaded some video I took from my computer to the ipad 2. The videos are not in the photo app, but the video one. It doesn't have a spot there where it says email or post to Facebook.
I want to copy a DVD onto a blank CD but I'm not sure how to do it on a laptop with only one disc drive? Is there software I have to download or something?
I am running windows 7 I'm looking for an easy and free program to make lyric videos. I failed to download Movie maker. So I hope there is any other alternative.
I went on the Edgewalk on the CN Tower and received a copy of the experience. I was told that we would be able to edit the DVD, but I want to download it onto my laptop just in case. How would I do that?
I had vhs tapes transferred to DVD's. Now I want to make copies of these DVD's for others to have? Can I do that on my PC (Windows7)??
Can I use VLC player to download movie? Is there a webiste to get movies?