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Use the best MSI to EXE Converter freeware, imelfin MSI2EXE Converter, to convert MSI to EXE easily, fast and free.

The best MSI to EXE converter freeware to convert msi installer to exe.

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Free download imElfin MSI2EXE Converter for Windows XP, Win7, Win 8 (x86, x64) below.

MSI to EXE Converter freeware

imElfin free MSI2EXE Converter is the best ever MSI to EXE converter freeware in the market, empowering users to convert MSI (Windows Installer File) to EXE (Executable) with ease. There are no ads or toolbars bothering during the installation. On the contrary, this program delivers a fast and straightforward solution to MSI2EXE conversion under a superb light package (less than 500k). Little system resources are required, and more importantly, you will have your EXE files generated in seconds.

How to convert MSI to EXE free with the best MSI to EXE Converter

Download and install imElfin free MSI2EXE Converter freeware below.

MSI to EXE Converter freeware download

Step 1: Set source MSI file.

Launch imElfin MSI2EXE Converter. Click the "Browse" button next to the "MSI File:" input field and choose a source MSI file.

Add MSI file to free MSI to EXE Converter

Step 2: Set output EXE file.

Click the "Browse" button next to the "Output File:" input field to set the output path and file name. By default, once the source MSI file is specified, the output EXE file will be decided with the same name as the source (the extension name is EXE).

Step 3: Convert.

Click the "Convert" button to convert MSI to EXE. In seconds, the EXE version will be generated.

Convert MSI to EXE with MSI2EXE Converter freeware

The following success window will pop up.

Convert MSI to EXE success

More features:

To optimize the output EXE installation, imElfin free MSI2EXE Converter also makes it possible to add extra info to the generated EXE version including Product name, Product Version, File Version, Company Name, Legal Copyright, etc. Simply check the "Custom version information" box to enable this function.

Add version info on inElfin free MSI2EXE Converter

By using the best free MSI to EXE Converter, imElfin MSI2EXE Converter, you are able to convert MSI to EXE in the easiest way. Never worry about unexpected crashes or stuck!

MSI to EXE Converter freeware download

12/2/2013 16:43:47
Works like a charm.  I was unable to install a .msi in Windows 7, it kept giving alert boxes saying that a .dll file was missing, even though my Windows OS was up to date.  
06/26/2014 01:01:46
it is really hard to use.
09/12/2014 23:20:12
Not working.
10/10/2014 00:50:19

it doesn'p pass the given parameters to the MSI installer.

ex: sg.exe /passive

12/22/2014 06:25:15
Top product; thanks!
01/27/2015 10:44:31
Easy to use, works perfectly
02/20/2015 11:17:49
Works on Wine ;D
02/20/2015 11:18:54
Works on Wine ;D
02/25/2015 10:20:10
It's awsome !!
04/22/2015 03:18:09
Thank you!
07/7/2015 04:21:18
09/5/2015 22:58:45
MSI2EXE worked great. The only issue was that it took a long time to change directories when browsing for the msi I wanted to convert, but it did work, and really the delay was only 15 or 20 seconds.
01/2/2016 18:50:21
I was unable to install .msi program in Windows 7, it kept giving me alert boxes. This work great and it is very easy to use.  Thank you!
01/2/2016 18:53:57
Sorry that should be 5 stars.  This is great!
02/28/2016 14:13:17
Works great on Windows 10 x64 Home Edition
03/4/2016 05:53:21
03/14/2016 05:00:11
Thanks, a great little programe .Saved me hours of pulling my hair out!
Well done
03/21/2016 00:17:16
can i call the tool by powershell?
03/28/2016 06:55:11

sure , you could have powershell do some mount drives
copy exe ie share drive to temp  ie firefox-setup.exe /verysilent  do a crap ton of base apps deploy.
(Accounting department etc....)  
anyhow deploy CMD file powershell files , Selfnuke.cmd (DEL files/folder/s) 7zip files -> convert to self extractor (RUN CMD/ps1 once extract is done) convert to MSI with (lookup z7ip self extract silent options) and add switches to MSI converter)

Group policy Editor deploy our-cool-powershell-setups-msi.
push to users grop or etc. wala...
or c:\Our-Corporation\logon-scripts\ etc.

but to get provisioning done on systems ie converting exe to msi so I can deploy via
just for the Average Admin even to push chocolatey ps1 deploy you can simply add it to z7ip-self extract exe as a CMD file, choco you can control via powershell to deploy a number of apps or containerized versions their off.
its great on pushing basic domain deployments of apps.  

however WIXtoolkit has more powershell calls if you are more programmatic.

05/27/2016 16:22:56
This work super perfectly
06/30/2016 23:07:08
07/25/2016 05:58:35
This is stupid. It doesn't work!
08/6/2016 08:16:48
Love you mate worked like a charm, for one sake i thought all this comment are fake but it did work love you <3
08/18/2016 10:16:13
A speedy and simple program. Installs well, without interfering with antivirus and Windows security settings.
But a .msi program that Windows8.1 didn't want to install, converted to .exe still doesn't install and the file can't be corrupted.
(I never could install any .msi files on this Windows version.)
But there are so many things that don't work under Windows 8.1 that I'm sure this little program is good and efficient.
09/21/2016 21:18:41
Is it possible to do via command line? conversion of msi to exe
10/29/2016 03:42:06
I used this software to convert my .msi installer to a more common extension (.exe), and it worked like a charm!
Thanks you!
12/6/2016 05:37:54
s it possible to do via command line? conversion of msi to exe? its urgent
12/11/2016 00:33:22
no funciona en win 10
dosent works on win 10
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Convert MSI to EXE, the Best MSI to EXE Converter Freeware