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I tried out the iTune Clearer thinking it would be an awesome tool but it flags all songs that have the artwork from iTunes as missing - not exactly useful. Almost always, the artwork from iTunes is superior and just because it's not embedded within the audio file is it missing - it will strill transfer to Apple devices.
I have movies saved as VLC media files and would like to burn them to DVD's. I am trying to drag and drop the icons onto the imElfin program however it is not letting me. Does anyone know if imElfin supports VLC media files>?
See above question.  What profram and what are the steps to load a dvd to my iPad Air
When installing this program on Win7 x64, I got the Blue Screen of death warning me of a driver conflict.
When I attempted to uninstall it by running the unins000.exe file, I got an error message that the unins000.dat file was corrupt (0 KB size). can I uninstall the program
Blu-ray Creator for Mac? --
I have downloaded Blu-ray Creator for Mac and when I look at the User guide the interface that the software I downloaded is nothing like the one in the guide with far fewer options - am I missing something?
Why I needed Internet to make copy? --
Blue-ray Copy program request Internet connection to make copy
is possible import my own pictures or video at menu. Thanks for your response
What OS system is required? --
I have Mac OS-X 10.11 (El Kapitan) Will creator work for me?